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30 min gameplay experience

NeoCroX997NeoCroX997 hoorPosts: 28Member

I first tried this game out today when I found out it sounded interesting. After of about 3GB download I managed to install the game with easy setup and was ready to go. In the game I had to make sure to do some practise before heading out in real combat. Well, it was easy enough I thought. When I had learned the jetpack, and  it hit my head with some heavy speed action combat. Auch...:) I totally love the system from very first 5 min. Easy to learn controll, harder to master it. You dont feel borring using the keyboard. And not borred at all with the high speed, feels like being in a rollercoaster or in a super fast rally car. Plus you fly  :D The control is very neat and graphic decent on top. It made me think a little of planetside 2 in a way. Or BF 2142 with Far Cry and Boba Fett(The guy in star wars with the jetpack). 

Another thing it is free to play, but also you can buy some outfits for real money and more. But you dont have to pay for it to get a huge advantage in the combatzone. I feel it is very balanced though you can purchase some weapons and outfits for money as well, but you dont have to. You can just use the XP you earn to unlock them. Takes a little longer, but it makes it balanced in that way if you want it F2P. The costumization is large enough to cover the needs of different playstyles. One thing though  about the battles can seems to be a bit short of kill amounts before the round ends. Though it doesnt feel annoying, because it is actionpacked right from the beginning of the round. All in all it felt great to swoop around the air while shooting like crazy. It seems also tactical. The enemy can strike  behind, above or below you. Really great if you like fast games and mindblowing combat. The one that makes your head spin hehe :) It is free and makes you satisfied for the download, it is not any timewaste to try out.

That was all for me..Game Frenzy..out

The game is rated 10/10  

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