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Anima Guilds [ANMA] (PvX, Casual, 20+) Stormbluff Isle

RynTheHylianRynTheHylian Tupelo, MSPosts: 5Member

Anima Guilds is aimed towards mature, casual players, and our rules do not enforce attendance. We were formed several years ago, and most of guildies have moved with us to different games.

When we aren't leveling up we are forming dungeon runs, throwing guild events, or just playing around with emotes!

We have: Guild bank, emblem, and armorer

23 members


Server: Stormbluff Isle, Name: Anima Amicitia

You can whisper or send mail to Rynil, Sir Clink, Grimme, or Lorrel Tailchaserfor more information.


Our rules are as follows

  1. Try to keep drama to a minimum. If you have a problem with someone whisper them and work it out. You can also whisper the guild leader or an Officer if the situation calls for it.
  2. Most of our members are 20 years old and older! This means that there may and probably will be mature subjects in guild chat.  If you are easily offended by jokes and/or cursing, this isn't the guild for you. However, this does not give you free reign to be vulgar towards your guildmates.
  3. Please keep sensitive subjects out of guild chat. This includes, but is not limited to: politics, religion, rape (even in the context of "owning" someone), and race. 
  4. Keep your ego out and don't be a jerk. This isn't a competitive guild, don't sit there and trash talk someone because they don't have the "perfect build." Just because someone is playing a certain class doesn't mean that they have to play it a certain way.
  5. Type in a way that we can understand you. We aren't asking for perfect grammar, but "txt speak", ALL CAPS, and AlTeRnAtInG CAPS is annoying. Also, we are an English-speaking guild.
  6.  Please contact the leader or an officer if you plan on leaving the guild


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