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Id like to see a TRON MMORPG

IG-88IG-88 GrandosPosts: 143Member

A couple of years ago i played TROn 2.0, a singelplayer FPS game.

If you have played the game or seen the movies you can figure out whats it all about, you fight as a program inside computers.

Later on i played my first MMORGP, Star Wars Galaxies.

It occured to me how cool it would be to play a MMORPG based on the TRON universe, that is, inside the computer world!

You could play as a small utility-program on a PDA or a super-program on a server.

The possibilities wpulkd be endless, since this would be a really new realm totally different from current MMO´s.


  • XiaokiXiaoki White Pigeon, MIPosts: 2,793Member Uncommon

    Yeah Ive been saying for a while that Tron is an IP that is perfect for an MMORPG. I mean, its an IP that has you controlling a program in a computer.

    But its also one of those IPs that would need to be done so razors edge perfectly to be adequately effective as an MMORPG video game.

    The IP is designed for real time action combat, 2 faction PvP and flying mounts. Which are features that are not overly popular with the veteran MMO players.

  • clumsytoes44clumsytoes44 portland, ORPosts: 463Member Uncommon
    I'd like to see a tron mmorpg also.
  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 854Member Uncommon
    A TRON mmo could rock if done right!!!
  • IG-88IG-88 GrandosPosts: 143Member

    Yea, the two factions being Master Control (SW Empire) and Tron (Rebels), if you get my meaning.

    But it might also be a place for noncombat players, sorry, users, like crafters etc.

    If you want a new area, create a new computer :-)

    Gear could be REALLY exotic, forget about axes and swords.

    I dont really see mounts, but companions, sure. Naturally vehicles, there were som epretty cool in the films.


  • PowerwielderPowerwielder Toronto, ONPosts: 4Member
    Yeah that would be cool with the lit up suits and vehicles.


  • XiaokiXiaoki White Pigeon, MIPosts: 2,793Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by IG-88
    Yea, the two factions being Master Control (SW Empire) and Tron (Rebels), if you get my meaning.But it might also be a place for noncombat players, sorry, users, like crafters etc.If you want a new area, create a new computer :-)Gear could be REALLY exotic, forget about axes and swords.I dont really see mounts, but companions, sure. Naturally vehicles, there were som epretty cool in the films. 
    As a setting I would either choose between Tron Uprising and Tron Legacy which would have rebels fighting CLUs army. Or after Tron Legacy which would have rebels fighting some new bad guy that took over CLUs army. The hidden short from Next Day already hints towards who that is.

    But I guess the setting will mostly depend on if they do a third Tron movie or not.

    Really not sure what weapons and armor would be like considering theres not much of either in the Tron universe. Programs have their ID disks and the evil guards have their rainbow staffs.

    Yeah, by mounts I mean vehicles. Which would be LightCycles, LightCars, LightPlanes and LightCopters.

  • rmeyerrmeyer Sparks, NVPosts: 151Member
    Perhaps with Valves upcoming VR technology, but I wouldn't like to see Tron done like other mmos with a mouse and keyboard.  It needs to be what it was in the movies an alternate reality
  • syntax42syntax42 USAPosts: 1,374Member Uncommon

    A TRON MMO would have a lot of flexibility in its storytelling.  They could make it in a time that doesn't have anything to do with the movies and get away with it with minimal effort.  That would lead to being able to tell just about any story with the game.


    Unfortunately, Disney does not have a very good track record with MMOs.  They also don't seem to want to license their IP to other companies to produce games.

  • KingJigglyKingJiggly Simpsonville, SCPosts: 777Member
    I would like to see disney do my type of decent MMO... Theysrsly could if they wanted to.
  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon
    Wait ... I thought this was the Tron MMO?  Aren't I inside your computer?
  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Brandon, FLPosts: 3,649Member Uncommon
    I'm trying to picture how.  I can see single player.  I can see co-op/multiplayer.  I can't see MMO.

    I miss the MMORPG genre. Will a developer ever make one again?

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  • KonfessKonfess Dallas, TXPosts: 1,466Member Uncommon

    Disney owns TRON, and Disney hasn’t had any success with MMOs. Anyone playing Pirates of the Caribbean? Running an MMO also just makes you a target for hacking as seen by SOE, Disney doesn’t want that. Would such a game be cool? Yes, I played Matrix Online (MxO) the closest thing to Tron online I have seen. Didn’t see any of you in there. I know it didn’t look like Tron, but the rule set sure matched. I don’t know if any MxO wikis still exist but if they do take a look at the skill trees.

    MxO was the greatest sandbox not SWG. The ONLY thing that limited your skill progression was Information(in game credits). Before a mission you equip your combat skill tree, after a mission you unload that tree and equip the crafter tree to break down looted items and craft new items or skills.

    One mission you could be a Ranged combatant, the next you could be melee. You want to change class, then find a phone booth and deallocate your skills and reallocate them to the new role. In SWG you had to relevel every time you switched roles. MxO was limited to the number of skill points you had at your present level.

    Here are the basic game features as I remember them off the top of my head. 3 ranged weapon classes (pistol, shotgun, rifle), 3 melee classes (Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu), a Pet class, a Ranged “Magic” class, a “Hacker” class, a Healer class. Plus a skills crafter class, and an Item crafter class. As I see it this would work fine with Tron.

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  • Byne25Byne25 Savannah, TXPosts: 41Member
    Thumbs up to that but I would be very worried about who and how this game would turn out. STO was a huge bust for me and I still play SWTOR which I enjoy but its not even close to what it really should be as a Star Wars game. Tron would be a blast but I have a feeling someone whould probably not do it justice.
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