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Disturbed Forces - PvP Guild Recruiting (STORMBLUFF ISLE)

DFx-SykDFx-Syk Chicago, ILPosts: 2Member

We are Disturbed Forces (DFx)

First a quick background; we are a tight knit group of players that have been together since Diablo 2. Over the years, we have played a huge assortment of MMO’s and have always thrived on PvP.  In Guild Wars 1, we were a top contending guild and also published as a Guild of the Month. Now we are moving to the STORMBLUFF ISLE server and are looking for new members who think they have what it takes to be in a top-notch PvP guild.

First, you must be serious about joining. This is a commitment not just a gaming experience. We hold all our members to a certain standard. And unlike most guilds out there, we require all new members to perform exceptionally well at PvP. If you’re a carebear or do not care to listen to our battle commanders, you should stop reading now. However, if you’re a mature and thick skinned individual who likes to chill, and take enjoyment at ruining your opponent’s day… contact us. Not all those who apply will be accepted. Though if accepted, there will be a recruitment trail period in which you must prove yourself essential to our guild.

We require the use of Ventrillo & of Mumble (allies comms). You must be active in-game. And ready to drop any quest when the call to battle comes.

Visit our website and submit a Recruitment application form. We look forward to your application.


*Currently seeking all player classes


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