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[EU][PvX] Equilibrium

OlujiwanOlujiwan EindhovenPosts: 18Member


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Equilibrium started out as a small group of people back in 2006. Ever since the guild has grown out to be much more than that small group of people. We are now spread among several games and you will see our biggest influences in Aion and Guildwars 2. We were and still are, very dedicated to creating a well known community where you can feel at home. Where, eventhough skill matters, we are willing to dedicate our time to loyal and dedicated players. Making sure they fit right in.

We will be playing on the European server: "Desolation"


We believe that a guild cannot succeed without proper leadership and we therefore chose to have a solid hierarchy. Every game we play, will have the following hierarchy*;

  • The Community Leader (Olujiwan)
  • The Guildmaster
  • The Junior-Guildmaster (second in command)
  • The Officers (class officers and PvP/PvE specific officers)
  • Lieutenants (exceptional members**)
  • Members
  • Prospects  (our trial applicants, further explained during recruitment)

*: The hierarchy will be determined by the leading forces of the community.
**: Exceptional members literally translated; People who have gone the extra mile for the guild, senior members. (READ: These positions will not be given away lightly)

For a more detailed history of our guild and its leader; Equilibrium Guild History

Our Goal

Our goal is to become a well known and respected community. This in regards to all of the games we play as "Equilibrium". We aim to become a very colourfull community of experienced people in both PvP and PvE.

What do we offer?

Equilibrium offers a varied range of perks and chances to grow. We have a high level of dedication and offer experience, a name and a wide range of utilities.

  • Experience
  • Activity
  • Dedication
  • Nourishment
  • A family

Every new member will be able to rise to the top. If you show us what we want to see, without acting beyond your comfortzone (READ: Show us what we want to see, just because we want to) it will not be rewarded with proper titles and other non materialistic rewards.

What we expect?

We as a community try to look beyond just gaming-experience, seniority and age. What we expect from you in the end all comes down to our own moral standards. As stated above, there are certain things we offer you, in return we would love to see every application filled with all of those points. Realisticly speaking, not everyone will have the same level of dedication, experience, activity or sense of community and for that reason we also look at why you want to join our guild and if we think investing time would be a wise choice.

  • Dedication & Activity
  • Willingness
  • Respect
  • A family member

In short, we ask that should you not be as experienced as us, you will invest time and work into becoming a full-fledged guildmember, or possibly more. We will obviously assist you in every step along the line.


As a well established guild, we of all people know that one cannot expect to be succesfull solely by its own. We are very much open to the idea of having alliances with other guilds in the future as we have had in the past. Since we currently have outdated guidelines for alliances, you can contact our community leader for details.

Our Policy

While we definitely do not consider ourself the elitest of guilds, we certainly have a highly skilled community. We consider it a privilege being part of this community and while at no means you should feel like you're not good enough, you should keep in mind that the seniority and skill of many of our members will exceed the "usual" and thus deserve the proper respect.

We don't ask you, you ask us.

Equilibrium's Community Leader.
A dedicated Guildwars 2 PvP Guild.

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