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Kart Rider (korean)

ionicwingsionicwings ParaPosts: 109Member

This is a racing game much like ASDF Hoverboard but the gameplay is like Crash Bandicoot Racing but Online. If you have an existing Nexon ID, you dont need to register. You just have to download the 75MB client (yes, 75MB!). You need to login at their website to play. This game is now quite famous in korea! Here are some of my screenshots in the game:

Here's some videos I got while playing (you may have to install fraps from to view this one):

See you there!  :D


  • seungbaekmseungbaekm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1Member

    Actually, this is a good game.

    I have playing this game about four months. It's like Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo64).

    You can use items during racing in Item racing game, or you can just drive in Speed racing game.

    For new people, I recommand to do Item racing game. It is more easy to take first place.

    But the problem is to foreign country people (people who are other countries except Korean),

    they might feel hard to get Nexon ID. Also, you cannot use Cash Items if you don't know any person

    in Korea.

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