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[NA][PvX] Danse Macabre - Finest PVP and PVE experience

Ultimaflame0Ultimaflame0 Lodi, NJPosts: 8Member


Danse Macabre is a small new guild forming with the release of Guild Wars 2. We are a PvX guild, with an emphasis on our community rather than any specific in-game goals. As a new guild, we want members who are willing to grow alongside us, and to help form the initial community that will shape the guild in the future. Our leadership is made up of veteran players from other MMO's who all strive to keep Danse Macabre developing and running as smoothly as possible throughout this process. Whether you're into PvE, PvP or RP, exploration or just looking to grow alongside a new community, we want you.

We have no age limit or other major restrictions, but we are looking for mature and respectful players who will follow our code of conduct, and understand the development process a new guild has to go through. Now if you think you are interested in joining, check out our site to get a better feel for us (be sure to read our rules thoroughly), and make an application if you think we are right for you.


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