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Underdark expansion questions (50% off on Steam)

AethaerynAethaeryn Woodstock, ONPosts: 2,471Member Uncommon


I beta tested DDO and preordered.  I played for a few months and had a good time but friends moved on and so did I.  I am looking at starting up again and saw the Underdark explansion today on Steam for $24.99

It says it includes:  

DDO Classics Adventure Pack Bundle: Includes Phiarlan Carnival, Attack on Stormreach, The Path of Inspiration, and The Dreaming Dark.


How does this work out for me considering I have not bought anything for this game at all.  Is this opening a lot up for me.  I just got a friend to buy the LOTRO expansion because it includes enough previous content that he can basically not buy much of anything aside from the expansion.  Would this be similar?


Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!


  • Cochran1Cochran1 Eden, NCPosts: 456Member
    It really just depends on wether you plan to stay f2p or go vip. The four packs it includes covers a range of levels (from around 9 to 20) but you'll definately want to get packs like Gianthold, The Vale of Twilight, and Reavers Refuge for instance to fill out the mid to higher level content (all are included with vip access just fyi.) The menace expansion is lvl 16 up roughly, so if you haven't already leveled a toon out you won't be able to experience it yet.
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