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Diablo 3 Legendary Item Improvements & Patch 1.0.4 Preview: Barbarian

V1kN1kV1kN1k AgarvePosts: 27Member Uncommon

Hey everybody! so here we have more news about upcomming update 1.0.4!

Legendary Item Improvements

Youtube Video Link :

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  Enjoyed a lot the changes but certanely they need a lot more effort with items, the game won't change by modifing few legendaries, they need to change all of them and add new ones.


Patch 1.0.4 Preview: Barbarian

source :

Well , basically I think they are doing a good job on that one giving more power to less used skills, but the fact is that they need to bring the ability points system back also and higher level range would be amazing!!!, it would give a wider range on choises, right now the game feels much linear and you dont have any feel of progression on your character, Items is the only difference atm, but anyway good information and looking forward to see whats next! =)



  • Berry90Berry90 LondonPosts: 10Member
    What I only liked about the 1.0.4 patch is the class skill upgrade for the Demon Hunter, Wizard and Barbarian, But not the Legendaries because they made the stats look weak instead of making it powerful.
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