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New player on Quetzalcoatl

koolguytrikoolguytri sacramento, CAPosts: 6Member


New to FFXI and looking for a LS to join. I've been wandering around kinda lost and I was hoping someone could help me. I'm a casual gamer so I'll only be on a few hours a day if thats ok. 


Please pm me or msg me ingame at Remmii. Thanks!


  • humperhumper motown, CAPosts: 12Member

    Hi Kooolguytri,

    I do have a LS you can join that I am in it is very active, if your still intrested i'll be on tommorrow at 10a.m. pst. i'll be on for a few mintues.. only/

    the people in my ls are wonderful and helpful. i hope you have a great time on ffxi as i do in the days, months, and years ahead :)

    My character's name is Argoth hope to see you on.

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