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F2P started already???

csthaocsthao Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon
Its supposed to start tomorrow, but for some reason I'm able to play right now and I'm not subscribed! Might as well enjoy it for now.


  • DragimDragim Boring, KSPosts: 867Member Uncommon

    F2P started last week sometime.  I have been playing for 4 days myself, but I also am a Subbed member (station pass.)

    But the "official" F2P launch is tommarow along with a patch I think.  So they will start advertising the game and such tommarow as F2P, but right now it has had a "soft" launch, whatever that means.

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • csthaocsthao Saint Paul, MNPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon
    Ahh I didnt know that. Anywho see you guys in game :)
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