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worth it? and 14

KalstarkKalstark fishkill, NYPosts: 63Member

hey guys i know theres a bunch of threads like this already but u got a little specific details i want to get into. first off i have played this before for ps2 and 360 and now i wanna try it on my laptop because long storty short i cant acess my old account. i wasnt far in the game think i only made it to high 20's, i remember i was finally ganna be able to get a advanced job but never made it. 


now im wondering if i should start over. ive played all mmo's mostly wow, rift, and gw1 but theres something that always makes me want to play this game and love it but i cant. i feal like its only cuz i cant be a dragoon immediatly and wen i would play every1 was already max level for years and i couldnt find a grp, also it takes longer than most games to lvl anyway. another thing is iv come to love pvp in mmo's and was kind of shocked when you search youtube and put in final fantasy 11 2012, only pvp vidoes show up so i was wondering if this is a new fun thing alot of people are doing? 


ff14: quick thing i traded my xbox for a ps3 so i could play this game specifically..... if i only knew haha. well im not sure how great of a system you need to run this so this is kind of a problem. and also im not sure of the state of the game, ive looked a little and it seems like people are playing again but is this really the case? as long as the game is playable and not too horrible i feel like i wouldnt mind subbing for it since i love FF. heres my laptop if somone could tell me if id be able to play 14 even on minimal settings . 


so basically can i play 14? if not is 11 still worth it? thanks guys 



  • AdelbernAdelbern Philadelphia, PAPosts: 85Member

    I'm not sure if that laptop can even play FFXI but I know 100% is not going to play FFXIV at all.

    I have a high end alienware desktop and sometimes I have problems running FFXIV.

    My 2 cent on this are wait for Januray 2013 when FFXIV will release for ps3 with version 2.0 called A Realm Reborn, both ffxi and ffxiv play better with controller anyways and no need for an expencive PC to play it.

  • WeretigarWeretigar winifrede, WVPosts: 600Member Uncommon

    You fail recomended by

    Processor .43ghz

    Video Card uses shared memory and since its integrated intel it's not really meant for gaming. 

    I would wait for ps3 release. 

  • KalstarkKalstark fishkill, NYPosts: 63Member
    ok so 14 is out the question which i already pretty much knew. so is 11 worth it? im watching the wayback wednesday video on this site and its ff11 and its really bringing back memories and making me want to play. should i do it?! lol

  • DfixDfix Clark MIlls, NYPosts: 238Member Uncommon

    Newer, higher end laptops can run ffxiv fine. Just need to have a ssd for it to run smooth. It will be even better after the first of the year though.


    As far as ffxi goes; if you want to play on your laptop make sure you check the approved video card list from SE. My laptop runs it fine but my sons will just black screen and crash on startup.


    Check out my post here for more info on setting up FFXI and if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer any I can.

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