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1440P monitor on the cheap - 2560x1440

ictownictown iowa city, IAPosts: 123Member

Just letting you guys know there are other options than buying a 1440P monitor 27" non-thunderbolt/thunderbolt IPS Apple Cinema Display which sells around $1000 US dollars. Dell and HP are selling their 27" IPS monitor around the same price as Apple Cinema Display.

Microcenter sells an Auria 27" IPS monitor 2560x1440 for $399. So far, with my monitor I have no trouble with input lag during gaming, no dead pixels, and no backlight bleeding. Probably the best monitor I purchased.  I attached a screenshot to show you how much screen space you're getting comparing to an 1080P resolution. 


On ebay, there are Korean sellers who sells 27" IPS monitors around $300+ dollars with free worldwide shipping. The particular brands are Yamakasi Catleap, Achieva Shimian, Crossover, PCBank, Potalion, etc. Few months ago, I saw few selling for $200, which I didn't buy at the time and I should've. I recommend buying from dream seller or greensum and red cap. I'm no way affilated with them, just I've heard good remarks about them on the forums. There are youtube videos of people reviewing them or playing games with fraps.

These Korean IPS 27" monitors has been on the rage on, about 5 months ago. There are some monitors that can be overclocked to 90hz and some can be bought with 120hz.

The link above shows the comparisons of the different brands and models of the Korean 27" IPS monitor [almost 7500 replies and past 650k views]

The reason these monitors are cheap - LG makes IPS panels for apple cinema displays. Apple only accepts grade A+ panels. That means the all the grade A,A-,B+, etc are not accepted and returned to LG. LG resells those IPS panels to other manufacturers. You can get the whole story on google if you're interested. In addition, you're getting no support and no manufacturers warranty.

Of course the sellers guarantee if theres over 5+ dead pixels or something like that, or excessive backlight bleed or breaks within 30 days, you can return it back and they'll give you a new one. If you're not interested in buying an imported monitor, you can buy it directly from Microcenter. They sell the Auria 27" EQ276W which comes with standard support and 1 year manufacturers warranty. In addition you can purchase additional warranty from Microcenter or Squaretrade. 

TLDR: You can buy imported Korean 1440P IPS monitor that is very good panel quality and on top of being really inexpensive $300+ with FREE worldwide shipping. Or you can buy it at Microcenter [only in US] for $399.

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