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Pretty cool

tupodawg999tupodawg999 LondonPosts: 724Member Uncommon

I lag at technology so i couldn't play Conan on my old machine and although i can now play Conan on the new one it's not good enough for TSW - dratz. Still, had a brief play on the free weekend just to have a look and i think anyone who is mostly PvE and who enjoyed the adventure genre of games or tabletop Call of Ctulhu or comics like Constantine will like this a lot. I'd sub to TSW if it would run on my machine and it's the only current game i'd say that for (with the exception of the Lotro chapter quests if i hadn't already done them a few times).

Particularly like

- single main mission at a time

- cut-scenes (awesome)

- side missions you stumble across

- investigation missions (awesome)

- overall atmospehere and mobs


I like the modern setting but

- ancient times (Sumeria, Egypt etc)

- gothic medieval

- victorian 1880s

- Indiana Jones 20s and 30s

would all have been good. I think on balance i'd have gone for Victorian as an excuse for the factions to have secret "hi-tech" steampunk stuff.

Good game, and a breath of fresh air after so many cookie cutter games.


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