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Newbie’s Journal: Global War

KyuubeyKyuubey San JuanPosts: 69Member

This is a diary of a newbie WYD player. In this new feature, he shares his adventures, joys and pains in the world of Khersuph.

I always wondered what it would be like if WYD Global had a truly global war. By global war, I meant having a PVP battle against WYD players from other servers. That would probably be a delightfully brutal spectacle. Being new to the game, I haven’t really delved into the history of the game that much yet but some friends of mine who are long time veterans mentioned to me that such a war really did happen. To find out more, I did some research and as relayed to me, there really was a battle of servers before.


WYD Korea managed to beat WYD Global in the war four years ago, but I wonder if things will turn out differently if they faced off against each other today. I’ve had people tell me that Koreans are the best MMO gamers but I think that everyone has a chance of beating anyone given enough practice, dedication and lots of canned goods (for playing straight hours of course).

Of course strategy plays a big part in games like these and the video above just shows that skill might be important but in a battle where everyone is skillful, that little advantage in strategy might be enough to put you over the top.

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