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New Game With Many SWG Pre CU Features

CircleBoxCircleBox Huntington Beach, CAPosts: 6Member

Global Endemic Online - A True Zombie Survival MMORPG

A zombie game where you do more than just fight or run from zombies; you actually survive in the post apocalyptic world. An MMO that isn't just quest, dungeon, and battleground; instead you have far more options in an open, dynamic, and player driven world. A large world where players aren't only your enemies; they are your companions, neighbors, merchants, trainers, bounties, and brother in arms. Your survival may very well depend on them. A game where the developers rely on your input and approval to create your favorite game. Global Endemic Online puts you in the chaotic zombie ravaged world to create order, or if you prefer, more chaos.

Completely Open Development

GEO will NOT be created behind closed doors. We are going to film the game from start to finish and release Webisodes frequently so you can see how the development is coming along. We want YOU to participate in the game development. We are going to be on the forums frequently asking questions and taking polls for the games content and we also encourage you guys to come up with your own ideas to poll.

Further yet, we are taking a completely unique approach to GEO's updates. You will never have to worry about a developer takeover. Updates for the game will be planned and broadcasted to the players to read over and vote on. If majority of the players approve we will commence with the update. You can always skip the vote or opt out completely. Bugs and minor updates will not be voted on, but any update that will change the game such as changes to certain professions will be. It is YOUR game so we want YOUR approval and input from early stages of development all the way through.

About GEO

In Global Endemic Online (GEO) you are a survivor in a world after the zombie plague. You don't have to worry about just zombies; there are looters, organizations, and even players that want nothing more than to take your gear and leave you high and dry to be zombie fodder.

Unique features of GEO include:

  • Free roam world environment. No set paths to follow.
  • Semi-realistic game play.
  • Profession System instead of a Class System.
  • Multiple professions to choose from and you can master several at a time.
  • Freely pick up or drop professions.
  • Level professions by using your professions' skills. Want to be a Sniper? Use Rifles.
  • Scavenge the land for supplies to build homes and to customize your weaponry.
  • Housing that can be placed on the game's terrain. You can even decorate the inside of your house with furniture and items.
  • Players create the towns and major cities through housing. The leaders of the city name the city.
  • Dynamic City Leadership. Vote, battle, or both to become Leader.
  • Level through various ways: Quests, Missions, City Defense, Fort Defense, Dungeons, Raids, City Wars, Arenas, Death Duels, World PVP, Bounty Missions, Wanted Mission, and... more? No more quest, dungeon, or arena leveling only.
  • Player driven economy. Players create the armor, weapons, buildings, vehicles, and virtually every main item in the game.
  • Extremely customizable characters (including tattoos).
  • Wear any armor or gear.
  • Drive any vehicle.
  • Participate in mounted combat.
  • Battle in large Player vs Player City wars.
  • Dynamic factions created by players through city Clans.
  • Dynamic world environment in which you have to survive.
  • Eat food and drink water to keep your stats up and prevent delirium.
  • Manage a small group of Non-Player Characters (NPC) to do as you command.
  • Post players on the Bounty board with an amount on their head or pick up the posts and hunt players for money.
  • Play as a ZOMBIE!!! Unique death system allows you to play a zombie with a customizable Talent Sheet to redeem yourself.
  • There really is ALWAYS something to do.
  • Completely unique Guild system is in discussion and will be presented to the Forums for your input.
  • The Community is in control of updates.
  • Your voice matters.


  • CircleBoxCircleBox Huntington Beach, CAPosts: 6Member

    Posting a response from another thread that discusses our City features.

    In Global Endemic Online we are taking an even further approach to cities. They are one of the center pieces of the game. You obviously don't have to participate in them, but cities provide numerous types of gameplay.

    In GEO you can place homes and everyone starts with a simple tent. You can gather together to form communities right from the start and as you progress and your village grows it becomes more. Cities, including captiols, are created by the players. You guys are capable of building city walls. Erecting large useable turret towers. You can design the layout of the city and as your city grows it will become populated with NPC's some of which will bring quests. The cities the players make are the center cities of the game with everything you need.

    Cities can declare war on Cities. You can battle in large PvP battles that include NPC city soldiers as well to create massive wars. You can literally lay waste to a city and even loot from their treasury. Losing cities will have to wait a short duration for their city to be rebuilt. City wars are strategic. You can destroy their flightpath to prevent their city members from flying in. You can destroy their medical center to force them to respawn elsewhere.

    As your city grows you may also have to deal with Zombie raid attacks. Zombies will ambush your city and you and your members must come together to defend the city. Loot great items, level your professions, and protect your city at the same time.

    You can even create factions through your cities. Make your city hostile against another. Go overt or covert and take out members of hostile cities.

    Further yet, you can sell yourself as a Mercenary and particpate in other cities wars.

    The insides of your homes are customizable just as they were in SWG. GEO gives you the freedom to play the game your way.

    Take a look at it.

  • shinkanshinkan BestinPosts: 235Member Uncommon

    I've seen list like this presented in early game development, but when released reality shows a very different picture.

    Should you deliver from the beginning you will get many players, but i have no believe that the list can or will be implemented from release, and most gamers are not very patient.

  • gravesworngravesworn charleston, WVPosts: 324Member
    Sounds like a great concept. My issue is as stated above. I ll watch the progress but i will not expect the features to look like this at release. I hope they end up like this but i dont see it happening. Prove us wrong.
  • CircleBoxCircleBox Huntington Beach, CAPosts: 6Member

    You guys are both completely right. Most games make promises they don't keep and they don't come out the way you pictured them. Seen it numerous times and played them numerous times only to be disappointed.

    I myself want to play this game so bad. It's a dream game in my opinion and I will not settle for anything less than the dream game. We aren't making this to make a quick buck, we are in this for the long hall to make a game and build a huge community that really loves this game.

    You are right for the fact that many unforseen things can happen that will slow down development and will cause cuts to certain features. I realize that people will be impatient in such cases. I get that and I completely understand. Although I will make sure no matter what at launch that the key features that everyone loves, (especially the Cities because it is key in this game) are ready to go at launch. I'll also be making sure there is good end game content at launch unlike SWOTR for example. There are always people that grind like crazy so that content needs to be there from the start.

    There may be some features that don't show until a little after launch, but if it is something the people want, it is something they will get. I will make sure we are priortized on the most important features and the features you guys expect before we go off and toss in other features. Many times that is the biggest issue with missing features. They made promises for something then decided to play with other ideas instead of finishing what they had promised first.

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    I've been keeping an eye on ArchAge, Age of Wulin and The Repopulation, all potential sandbox games.


  • davestr1zldavestr1zl MelbPosts: 218Member
    asking for 600k seems a tad much, even though im sure to make the kind of game you're talking about it will probably be needed, but i just dont see it being a realistic goal when theres nothing to show except a feature list.
  • Bob_BlawblawBob_Blawblaw Montreal, QCPosts: 1,278Member

    600k is actually peanuts for a feature list that huge, but will make you a decent Facebook game if you know what you're doing.

    Who are you guys? What're your backgrounds? How big is the team? What have you all worked on in the past?  What's your business model? 

  • ericlatrelleericlatrelle Sullivan BarracksPosts: 176Member Uncommon
    Sounds like it will be an interesting game. But you lost me with the zombie part. Not a fan of the whole zombie thing because I think it is over-hyped and played out. Hope it works out for y'all though. Sounds like it will be fun for those who are into that genre.
  • Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC MelfiPosts: 1,055Member Uncommon

    Circle, I wil be keeping an eye on this.


    Hopefully you guys can pull it off!

    Einherjar_LC says: WTB the true successor to UO or Asheron's Call pst!

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