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[PvX] SBM Gaming Now recuiting for Guild Wars 2 & more..


  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member
    Sea of Sorrows is going to be the home of SBM Gaming in Guild Wars 2.
  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    Just over 2 weeks until  Guild Wars 2! After waiting so long it is very exciting.

    Head on over to and join us for Guild Wars 2

  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    14 days 13 hours until release.

    Head on over to and see if we are the community for you to grow old with!!

  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    Dont miss out on  your chance to join an awesome gaming community. Be apart of something that you can belong to for many years to come.

    No rules, No Elitists, No arrogant players, No holier than thou attitudes.

    Just a fun, friendly gaming environment.


  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    Guild Wars 2 is so close now.  In the meantime we have some members playing CS:GO beta and then release in 3 days. So feel free to join us for that too.


  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member
    Are you still looking for a guild for launch? SBM Gaming is a friendly, active community. All types of players and gamers are welcome.
  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member
    We are doing some last minute recruiting for the much anticipated launch. Get in now before launch or you may have to wait for your application to be reviewed, I will be busy this weekend! ;)
  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    Did you fall in love with the game like us? Do you want to enhance your Guild Wars 2 experience by joining and fun, friendly and relaxed community? Then head on over to SBM Gaming and check us out.

    You play, your way!

  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    What can i say? Guild Wars 2 is amazing. We have met some amazing people and have recutied some outstanding, friendly members in our journey.

    Our recruitment doors are only going to be open for a little bit longer as we are nearing the member count we desire for gw2.

    So if you want to join an active, friendly community to game with for years to come, then check us out and dont miss out!


    Located on Sea of Sorrows

  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member
    As we our members all hit 80 we are looking to dominate on the WvW battlefield.

    We are in search of dedicated PvP Leaders and enthusiastic players who like to rip it up on the battlefield.

    Remember, You play, Your way!

    Check us out of you are tired of guild hopping and want to find a place to call home for the rest of your gaming days!
  • RobvenomRobvenom MelbournePosts: 25Member

    Still looking for a few more members. Especially Aussies :)

    We are also forming our Planetside 2 Division.

    So join us today for some Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2 fun!

    We are located on Sea of Sorrows

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