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Guild Wars Charecters Pros/Cons

SC(+)PESC(+)PE phoenix, AZMember Posts: 19

This game looks great but i just cant chose what charecter is the best for me.


Can anyone list a few pros and cons for this game and vote on what charecter you prefer the most


  • Gats2k6Gats2k6 Warrensburg, MOMember Posts: 190

    its all about opinion all the classes are balanced so there is no overall good class. You can be a massive damage taking tank warrior/monk or warrior/ranger. Or A elementalist ranger (earth specialized) they deal insane damage but if someone gets up in your face your dead.

  • SC(+)PESC(+)PE phoenix, AZMember Posts: 19

    Yes i understand that but i belive you missed the question.


    I was asking for people to list pros and cons of the different classes to give people an idea of what to expect when they go into the game.

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