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[review] Dead Frontier: Taking On the Zombie Apocalypse

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 21,764 Epic

Zombies are all the rage this summer and Dead Frontier gives players a chance to slice and dice their way through hordes of the undead. But is it fun? Find out in our latest review.

The zombie apocalypse has been an entertaining subject for my time on this earth. A lot of cinema and games have been released using an outbreak of flesh-munching corpses as the primary threat. Walking Dead extremely successful franchise now, so the idea really has become a genre in and of itself. From flops like Dead Island to successfully recurring series’ like Resident Evil, nothing comes close to the experience of bashing in an unnamed walking cadaver’s skull in. Dead Frontier was no different, although for many reasons this will not be my top contender for zombie carnage.

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  • AthisioAthisio spring, PAMember Posts: 72
    Tried to play it. Have to install an addon called unity web player which i did then i restarted my computer and it tells me i need to i still need to install the addon. Tried to find a FAQ/help on the games website but no luck. Oh well i guess this one is an auto pass for me.
  • vieplis666vieplis666 RigaMember Posts: 33
    omfg who will pay for this browser game. FAILED!
  • cronius77cronius77 Fairfax, VAMember Posts: 1,611 Uncommon
    this game is super old and was done in 2d before it was redesigned using unity. This game does lack some quality though it could use a lot more depth to it. I tried it back in 2d and also when it released in 3d on unity but its just not that interesting because little effort seems to be put into building the game. I wish there was more zombie horror because i love the genre but there just isnt much releasing thats quality currently though there is that new mmorpg coming out soon so hopefully that will be a quality zombie survival game.
  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts El Do, KSMember Posts: 1,555 Uncommon
    It was a fun enough game for a free browser, but it got horribly repetitive.

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • TuxedoSLYTuxedoSLY Ultima Online Correspondent Cape Girardeau, MOMember Posts: 93
    Wait did you call Dead Island a flop? Which part flopped, the good reception or the good sales?
  • KrelianKrelian GöteborgMember Posts: 382 Uncommon
    Dead Island? Dear lord, I luv that game! IF Dead frontier is 1/10th as fun as Dead Island, it's gotta be worth a shot, IMO.
  • Laughing-manLaughing-man Dublin, OHMember Posts: 3,619 Uncommon

    How is Dead Island a flop? 

    1.59 Million copies sold world wide.

    For a new company that is insanely good.


  • AquaKiraAquaKira BerlaarMember Posts: 39 Uncommon
    Dead Island a flop? Really? Jeez, must be the best zombie game I have ever played. Nothing is as much fun as cutting off heads and limbs from zombies in slow motion together with a friend. If Dead Island is a flop then 95% of all games are flops.

  • LurchingLurching Cicero, ILMember Posts: 7 Common

    Yea by what measurement is Dead Island a flop?



  • nybratnybrat Fr.sundMember Posts: 16 Uncommon
    Dead Island a flop? Lol, I stopped reading right there.
  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYMember Posts: 4,623 Uncommon
    The author derailed his own article in the first paragraph, apparently.  I liked Dead Island, just not as much as Left 4 Dead 2.  Still..... not a flop.
  • SneakypeteSneakypete Toronto, ONMember Posts: 7 Uncommon
    This game was good back when the creator actually cared about it.  That's when it had promise.  For the last 3-4 years the only things that have been added to the game are cash shop items.
  • BrodieBroosBrodieBroos St. Charles, MOMember Posts: 32
    Dead island a flop... Your moms a flop.
  • MilanderMilander CanadaMember Posts: 175 Uncommon

    Yup pretty much saw the "From flops like Dead island.." and stopped reading the clueless writers slock....


  • RipclawRipclaw Dallas, TXMember Posts: 190 Uncommon

    Dead Island got a game of the year edition. Since when does getting a GOTY edition for a game deem it a flop? Then there's the just announced sequal, Riptide.

    Flop indeed. Just say you didn't enjoy Dead Island and leave it at that. Okay kiddo?

  • lugallugal Escondido, CAMember Posts: 661 Uncommon
    If the editorial staff has integrity, they will get a clarification from the writer of this review.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The reviewer has a mishapen head
    Which means his opinion is skewed

  • EzRdrEzRdr San Antonio, TXMember Posts: 39 Uncommon
    Writer lost me at "Dead Island" flopped.
  • AlalalaAlalala Gabrielston, SCMember Posts: 314 Uncommon
    I don't think there is an editorial staff functioning for this web site.
  • VenTakumiVenTakumi NagpurMember Posts: 1

    Only TCP , can you believe it ? XD .. Now i might guess why it must lag like shit..

    Also, the customer support is the 'worst' when it comes to MMO games.

    In true sense, unity saved this game from being a complete flop.

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