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Razer BlackWidow (Or generally using Cherry Blue switch-based kb) - multiple strokes in quick succes

IstrebiteIIstrebiteI SpbPosts: 266Member


Question to those who have or had mechanical keyboard with Cherry Blue switches, how do you handle multiple presses of the same key in quick succession? Like, open menu, press down 8 times, press enter, press up 5 times, press enter.

I recently switched from rubber dome to mechanical keyboard and i got Razer BlackWidow, based on Cherry Blue switches. Overall i like the feeling, but what bothers me is that when i try to click a key multiple times, i'm used to pshing it all way down, and then letting it go for a very small moment and pushing it again. It doesnt seem to work with Chreey Blues. I need to release the key almost fully to its complete "up" position before it will register the press, otherwise it will just be "stuck" (i never let the key get back far enough so it doesnt register the press anymore).

So, how'd you do it?


  • jdkskipjdkskip Temple, PAPosts: 120Member Uncommon

    While I don't have a Razer keyboard, I have the Logitch 510, and on that keyboard you can set your keys to repeat the action without having to release the key at all. Check your keyboards program out for a key repeater. You should be able to set it up to repeat in milliseconds.

  • IstrebiteIIstrebiteI SpbPosts: 266Member

    That's exactly what i want to AVOID. I want to click the button X times and it should make X clicks. I dont need it to repeat itself at some frequency, i need to get exact number of clicks i want.

  • ZinthrosZinthros ReyjavikPosts: 15Member

    Need to learn not to bottom out. This will also increase your typing speed.



  • BigRock411BigRock411 Barrington, ILPosts: 299Member

    Youve been condition to press the keys harder, much harder then they should be pressed.  Once you adjust, and a mechanical keyboard is fantasic for this, youll be pressing the keys much lighter, and youll adjust to the keyboards sweetspot.

    All it takes is a bit of time, youll get the feel for it and you wont be bottoming out the key then slightly lifing off then bottoming out again like witha non mechanical...youll be pressing untill it clicks then release ect.


    Just takes some time i guess.

  • IstrebiteIIstrebiteI SpbPosts: 266Member

    Thanks for replies.

    I understand i can only push the button halfway and that will help me typing. So far it seems very uncomfortable trying to do it, i guess i'm to used to bottoming out. My WPM is already ~90, dunno if mechanical keyboard will help that (its a big number already)...

    My question now is how do i hold buttons? Like, when i'm running, or sprinting etc. Do i hold the button bottomed-out, or do i hold it at accentuation point? I tried holding the button at the midway position and it felt very awkward an unnatural.

    So far, typing feels much better, compared to rubber dome keyboard. But i cant say that gaming feels better.

    Maybe i'm better off using Browns or Blacks?

  • ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon
    I'm using the exact same keyboard as yourself and even while bottoming out a lot of the keys I'm not having any problems with repeating key presses. I'm also sitting around 120wpm at home here, in work on a bog standard hp keyboard I can get about 110 on average. Maybe the difference should be bigger but I type a lot more in work than I do at home. I think a lot of it has to do with getting the feel of the keyboard itself.
  • IstrebiteIIstrebiteI SpbPosts: 266Member
    Zezda, when you press same key in rapid succession, do you bottom it out each time, or do you press halfway each time? Do you release fully each time, or do you release up to where its sufficient for key to be "depressed"?
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