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BBC - Star Wars: The Old Republic video game players slump

chryseschryses LondonPosts: 1,453Member Uncommon

Apologies if this has already been posted. I find the content interesting and even more curious that there is an article on one of the worlds most reputable news sites on player slumps in SWTOR.

This extract just makes me shake my head in disbelief on 2 points.

1 - They always expected to go FTP or a mix model from the outset.  That suggests to me that they didn't think the game could suceed with just subs.  If the game is good enough why even discuss FTP?

2 - Quoting the below, 'that the problem was not the title's gameplay, but rather convincing the public to keep paying for it.'

Ok, I don't like to rant for no reason but seriously WTF? The problem is not the gameplay but trying to convince the public to keep paying for it?  I don't know MR editor-in-chief...but last time I checked people are always happy to pay for a good product. So basically you have a product that no one wants to pay for but some might keep playing if it was free?....even a 5 year old can work out what that means...


Quote from article....

"Given the MMORPG landscape in recent years, where pure subscription is becoming a rarity, EA will have been planning to introduce this since before launch, but the drop in subscribers makes it a timely announcement," said Steve Bailey, senior analyst at IHS Games Digest.

"It's not necessarily a portent of doom. The title's ongoing performance is now down to EA's ability to engage users with content refreshes, and other aspects of the service."

Michael French, editor-in-chief of the games industry trade news site MCV agreed that the problem was not the title's gameplay, but rather convincing the public to keep paying for it.



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