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Hello looking for active LS (durandal)

MageickMageick Daytona Beach, FLPosts: 102Member Uncommon

Hi all, I'm a 27 yr old male looking for an active LS, I am returning after a little break, My highest job is 50 WHM. My play time varies from EST mornings to late nights.


I'd like to get GC quests done and lvl some jobs. I am a long time FFXI player and longtime MMO player i know how to get things done. Although i am adult with school and work so i play rather casually, but I am not above getting other ahead with my play time, I am not a selfish player but would like some other people's time in return.


If anyone has any active linkshells on Durandal pls e-mail me:

or pm in-game, Character is Star Drifter.


Thanks alot hope to hear something soon

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