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Druid looking for a guild.

MizzmoMizzmo cabot, ARPosts: 132Member Uncommon

I have come back to vanguard and really enjoyed myself the past week. I lost my old account to my ex-wife (another story) and so I am new and only level 16. I would like to find a guild that has voice chat and that members don't mind helping out with quests if needed. Let me know. Thanks!


  • KilsinKilsin AustraliaPosts: 445Member Uncommon

    These guild forums are not very active mate, without knowing anything about your play style or even what time zone you play in, it makes it hard to know what guild would suit you best.

    I would suggest looking on the Official vanguard forums in the guild section, we all post our guild prime time and raiding days on in our first post.

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  • azmundaiazmundai St Louis, MOPosts: 1,419Member Uncommon

    welcome back!

    this is one of the few games I would advocate just asking around in general chat for guilds, or even better just ask around for groups, and when you find some, ask the members about guilds.

    LFD tools are great for cramming people into content, but quality > quantity.
    I am, usually on the sandbox .. more "hardcore" side of things, but I also do just want to have fun. So lighten up already :)

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