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[PvP] US/Central - Lords of The Dead

Taboo1Taboo1 hendersonville, NCPosts: 4Member
Lords of the Dead


Server Type: PVP TBD
Location: USA/Central

We are a PVP centric guild with a long history in gaming. For GW2 we will have a strong PVP Focus. LotD was founded in 1995 and has been a major force in multiple games over the years including Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Fury, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Aion, Rift and many others. The guild is a mixture of quality hardcore and casual killers whom we have retained over the past 16 years. Lords of the Dead has garnered respect for our successful history of PvP in every game we’ve played.


Applications are being taken at our site . You're welcome to register and participate in our forums. If you are serious about joining us for GW2, you can also become familiar with our bylaws and how we operate.

Recruitment Rundown

We are primarily a PvP Guild, and as such PvP is the main focus of our activities. The character of our members is important to us. Our ideal candidates are mature (18+) players who can be part of a strong community. We have no desire for drama or trolls. We set our standards high and hold everyone in our guild to them.

We are looking for players who will be active. We respect that our members have personal lives and their time is precious. We are looking for players who can commit at least 20 hours/week most of the time. We will schedule various PvP and other game related events each week. Attendance to all these events is not mandatory, but participation in such Guild events is a big part of being in LotD.

Why Choose LotD?

We are very selective with membership screening, but not elitist. We give everyone worthy a fair chance to prove that they belong in the guild and that they can contribute to the guild’s success. Successful applicants are those who are dedicated, deadly, and dominant on the battlefield

There is far more to share about Lords of The Dead. Come and explore our site. Read about our History, browse LotD Articles written about us, check out our Charter and FAQ, read about the games we are a part of and much more.

National Coverage of Lords of the Dead
2009 Austin Game Dev Conference-Guildmaster Panel
MMO Gamer Magazine
Beckett's Massive Online Gamer 



??????  Brief History

Darksun Online - LotD was a dominant PVP guild, controlled all PVP zones, and won many game sponsored events.

Ultima Online - One of the leading guilds on the Baja server, ran the Hall of Warfare PVP Strategy section on the UO-Stratics Network site, sacked the server's first player built city (Avalon).

Asheron's Call - LotD built an allegiance of 1,700 on Monringthaw server, which was a top 5 allegiance until 2001.

Everquest- LotD was a member of the Dark Coalition, a top 3 ranked coalition, on the Sullon Zek server.

Dark Age of Camelot- LotD was a top 10 guild on Merlin, and a top 50 guild on Gareth (classic ruleset.)

Shadowbane- LotD was a founding member of the LAPD nation, defeated the Rolling 30's nation, dominated the Scorn Server.

Star Wars Galaxies- LotD founded and defended the first PVP city on the Flurry Server.

Guild Wars- LotD was a top 10, 20, and 40 guild throughout Alpha,Beta, and the first six months of Retail.

City of Villains- LotD was nominated as the 2006 PVP guild of the year, and was a top 5 Arena Guild.

World of Warcraft- LotD was top progression guild on its server, and ranked in top 5% of all US guilds prior to the 2.4 Sunwell patch. After Wrath of the Lich King LotD coverted to 10 man raiding and achieved World Rank 16, US Rank 8, and Server Rank 1.

Fury- Consistently a top ranked guild, achieved the #1 rank across all PvP types.

Age of Cona- LotD was a dominant PvP guild on the Deathwhisper server, won AOC's first siege defense, built the first first full tier 3 guild city on the server, and completed the server's first full tier 3 PVP battle keep.

Warhammer Online- LotD played on the Azazel server, was the #1 ranked guild in guild level progression, and the #3 ranked renown point earning guild. Later LotD rolled on the Open PVP Server Dark Crag, and achieved US Rank #10 and Server Rank #4.

AION Online- LotD played on the Marachutan server on the Asmodian Faction side. LotD was a consistent Top 5 Faction, Server Top 10 ranked guild, and maintained a position in the Top 2% of World Rankings.



  • ApophisLOTDApophisLOTD Larkson, ARPosts: 1Member

    I have the honor of playing with LOTD and have to say you would be sorely challenged to find a more proffessional, organized and efficient group of pvp oriented gamers. They have over the years adapted instead of stagnating and worked hard to insure that they have maintained good quality control over their over-all identity. It's because of this that motivates me knowing that I have a great guild of people to fall back and fight side by side with against any and all comers in any game. Hail Lords of the Dead !

  • endersadvocendersadvoc lakeland, FLPosts: 31Member

    having fought against LotD in AoC i can attest to their organization and skill. Look forward to rolling with them in GW2

  • GlissealGlisseal louisville, KYPosts: 4Member Uncommon
  • vonreedvonreed Haslett, MIPosts: 1Member

    That's a great video! I'm looking forward to seeing how you guys do in GW2 :)


    LotD is one of the last old school PvP guilds left.

  • Taboo1Taboo1 hendersonville, NCPosts: 4Member

    Had alot of fun in last bw. Hope to see you guys in release.

  • amallamiamallami Frederick, MDPosts: 1Member

    Can't wait to join LotD in this game; they always bring a solid team.

  • XantsXants greer, SCPosts: 3Member
    Ready for WvWvW domination!
  • FuryMortisFuryMortis Z, LAPosts: 5Member

    Can't wait to game with LotD.  Another game to dominate!!! 

  • ValorLotDValorLotD Chicago, ILPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    I am heading up LotD's SPvP operation.  We won't be joining forces with our WvW counterparts but focusing exclusively on the competition facing us in the arena's.


    We've ran very successful SPvP chapters in Fury, WoW, WAR, GW1, and CoX as well as a variety of FPS clans.  If anyone is looking to focus only on PvP, then visit our site and sign up and mention my name.  We give all qualified gamers a shot, it is up to you what you do with it.

  • RazalusRazalus Milford, CTPosts: 4Member

    Man I can't wait to own With LOTD, gonna be so much fun.



  • VinterkrigVinterkrig BOSTON, MAPosts: 1,671Member Uncommon
    If my wrists weren't garbage and I could play 20 h a week all the time I'd totally be on board with these guys, have fought em in the past , good squad.
  • ArgonixArgonix Sellersville, PAPosts: 1Member
    Midgets unite in gw2!
  • PiikaaPiikaa Houston, TXPosts: 4Member
    You running with the shorties this game, Argo?
  • Stranger_SStranger_S Clermont, FLPosts: 1Member
    LOTD has maintained a presence in almost every single MMO I've played, and I have to say that they are super organized and have an excellent guild structure. I'm very excited to be with them for this GW2 launch, and possibly beyond.
  • Sicc1Sicc1 gresham, ORPosts: 243Member Uncommon
    Is this the same lotd from Darkfall? Only name I remember is roby. Caern alliance I think I was in grief.


    Darkfall - Sick
    Earthrise - Sick

  • RazalusRazalus Milford, CTPosts: 4Member

    Yes LOTD helped create the Cairnivore Alliance in Darkfall.


  • XantsXants greer, SCPosts: 3Member
    Stress test today 4pm PST
  • XantsXants greer, SCPosts: 3Member
    12 more days to world domination!
  • PiikaaPiikaa Houston, TXPosts: 4Member
    Today's stress test went pretty smooth. I was impressed with how much better it was than the last one.
  • Taboo1Taboo1 hendersonville, NCPosts: 4Member

    Recruitment is nearing a close as our final spots are filling up fast. Be sure to get your app in asap .

    Join us on August 25th for the official headstart!

    See you in game!




  • TibernicusTibernicus Fall River, MAPosts: 433Member

    No history for Darkfall?


    Or am I confusing Lords of Death with you..?

  • ValorLotDValorLotD Chicago, ILPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sicc1
    Is this the same lotd from Darkfall? Only name I remember is roby. Caern alliance I think I was in grief.


    Hey Sick,


    Yeah, we ran LotD unofficially on the EU server and then started our real effort on the US server.  We worked with SiN primarily and then added some other guilds (Grief was one) to our alliance down on Cairn.  I don't recall your name, but Grief was a good ally for a while, though they were kinda regulated to second tier guild in our alliance with Sorcon(LotD) and SIN's leadership mostly running things.


    We had Enya, Niir, Sorcon, Valor, Koribundar, Kotoll... a ton of other newer LotD peeps.


    Good to see an old ally here though.  Check us out if you need a landing place for GW2.

  • ValorLotDValorLotD Chicago, ILPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Tibernicus
    No history for Darkfall?   Or am I confusing Lords of Death with you..?

    Lords of the Dead founded Cairnivore Alliance on the US Server.  On EU we had a handful of players and started a smurf guild.


    Lords of Death were pretty good on EU but didn't want to give up their exploited characters to start over on US.


    LotD waged some massive wars against the mainland on US and after crushing the other alliances, we started the NEW guild that served as a safe haven for new players under the protection of the Cairnivore Alliance.  We held our originial Cities until our guild left the game.  There is too much history to go through here, but you can catch us on TS sometime and chat about old times.

  • PiikaaPiikaa Houston, TXPosts: 4Member

    Here is a nice little Countdown Clock to the releases:

  • ValorLotDValorLotD Chicago, ILPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Piikaa
    Here is a nice little Countdown Clock to the releases:


    Time is drawing near!

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