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Soul Saver OBT

omega78omega78 ..., CTPosts: 260Member Uncommon

Hey, just thought I would let everyone know that Soul Saver has gone into OBT, I haven't played it but upon looking it up (it doesn't look half bad) I discovered that it the new version of Ghost if any of you liked the game and were sad to see it shut down here is your chance to play it again ^^ Have fun everyone.



  • thegrapplerthegrappler dayton, TXPosts: 7Member
    The hacking is out of control and for an english release it's packed with foreign players.  It's a bad bad attempt.
  • kyrowkyrow meriden, CTPosts: 4Member
    Link would be nice..
  • TaeyeonTaeyeon bakersfield, CAPosts: 2Member
    So much hacking involved with it.


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