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Mouse Wheel skills selection MMOs

joonkp1976joonkp1976 seoulMember Posts: 93

If you are like me who love to play games solely with mouse then you would love this idea.  Let us give a game 'Aion' as an example.  With mouse wheel skills settings, you can place skills to be in the mouse wheel selection scheme and choose with mouse wheel while on the lower right-ish of the center screen when you can see looking at the main action which skill is being chosen, and then execute the skill using right mouse button.  Simple yet very refreshing method.  But since the example is in 'Aion' the chain skills also appear in the wheel when you can choose and execute.  Thanks for reading and would appreciate replies...


  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare

    In most MMOs, where you cycle through skills based on a cooldown timer,a mousewheel lends itself to far less accuracy than static buttons or key combos for most people but there's nothing to say it wouldn't work well in other systems. 

    You would have probably liked The Chronicles of Spellborn. Attack/combo skill selection was done with the mousewheel.


    Your best bet would be Japanese, Korean and SEA games as it's common to play with one hand while reading, smoking or drinking with the other, so controls are usually designed to accommodate that.  See if there is a western port of Fantasy Earth Zero, as that's one that I know definitely has skills controlled by the mouse wheel (as well as number keys).



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  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaaceMember Posts: 2,760 Uncommon

    It would be fine as long as the game is slow paced and you don't have more than 6-10 skills to scroll through. The problem is when you are at skill 2 and need to cycle to 5 quickly. You don't want people to fail because they can't switch to a skill fast enough or cycle to the wrong one.

    IMO it works better for switching between skill build loadouts. Like if you have 3 different ones saved in D3 then you hold left mouse button and then mouse wheel up/down to the one you want to change to and release.

  • joonkp1976joonkp1976 seoulMember Posts: 93

    Thanks for the replies.  I do not feel like an idiot any more...  :>:>:>

  • anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,027 Uncommon

    I've gotten close for a mech game idea, but not to your specifications.

    Essentially used arrow keys yet for movement, the space bar to allign legs to mouse location, and the upper body always followed mouse location.   However your loadouts/weapons were based on quick fires, and charge ups.   For example to use the auto-cannon(rail gun) you just tapped the mouse key, to use misiles you would hold a mouse button for a while(meaning each mouse key could have 2 weapons on it).

    such a system could be pretty easy to change to point and click with the left button.   then have two skills on the right button.


    TCoS also didn't use the scroll wheel for combo selection.   Using a skill advanced the combo bar, not using a skill soon enough reset it, missing a skill reset your combo(but still advanced the bar).   Essentially it provided some interesting skill setup, play and counterplay to skill useage(start-combo(X times)-finisher) combined with movement since everything was aimed.   They also had few other intersting designs that I liked when I got into beta.

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  • MildozeMildoze Overland Park, KSMember Posts: 9

    I just wish all mmo games would allow me to bind my mousewheel to hotbar buttons. That would be a dream come true. Who really needs to zoom in and out on the fly anyways? That usually just screws things up more often than not.

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