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Cow finisher - "Finishes enemies in PvP and WvW"

BetakodoBetakodo Poor land, FLPosts: 330Member Uncommon

Not spending real cash in the cash shop so I can't test it out. Can someone post a vid or something of what it does? If it skips the finish animation that leaves you vulnerable that would be overpowered, which is why I bring it up. Of course, it could just be the option of dropping a cow instead of a flag, but still I'm not spending real cash to find out. Also, I would take a print screen of the item description, but Arenanet doesn't allow us to take screenshots of tool-tip popups anymore, how quaint.

The description reads "When activated, your character will drop a cow on your enemies to finish them in PvP and WvW. Last for one hour." 75 gems for one.




  • XeseXese Hershey, PAPosts: 39Member

    I haven't tried, but my guess is that it doesn't shorten the finishing animation, it is just a different finishing move. So, cosmetic change.

  • WolvardsWolvards grants pass, ORPosts: 650Member

    B effin A!!! You can bet when I get home i'm buying a few of those haha!

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