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Perpetuum - Mech MMO

gorticgortic Onalaska, WIPosts: 115Member Uncommon

If you are bored, cant seem to find a game, and like sand-box mmos... give this game a try. Has a very friendly community, willing to help you, just ask :-)


Persistent sandbox universe - Every player is part of one server, one scene, one storyline.

Player driven economy - Exploitation, refinement and even manufacturing are all controlled by the players. The speed and efficiency of fabrication processes can be developed throughout the game.

Numerous career opportunities - Combat, mining, industry, logistics, marketing are all viable options for anyone. Be a lone wolf or join up player-created corporations and contribute to a bigger cause.

Time-based character development - No need for 'grinding'. You can be qualified despite you're not playing, since players get XP even if they are not logged in.

Dynamically changing resources - Controlled algorythms manage the respawn of raw materials, the position of liquid minerals shift during exploitation. The flora is also changing perpetually, players can even estabilish their own plantations.

30+ robots, hundreds of items - Robots can be specialized in several kinds of operations or tactics. The only barrier is your imagination.



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