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One question about account recovery (Please delete)

MetanolMetanol Posts: 248Member Uncommon

Hello World!


So! Lets first look at the background before going into the question itself!

I played Lotro back in EU when it was in beta, then I bought it and played it on/off for that year or so, even got the Moria expansion and so on... Then, with the free-to-play announced and rolled in, they shut down European servers and gave us a time-limit to export our accounts to US/Turbine(?). Well, of course I didn't have interest in Lotro at this time and I thought the usual "Oh, whatever, I'll do it next week..", and before I knew, the deadline had been reached.

So! The question is: Can I get my account back somehow?

I tried to look around briefly, but found no real answer to my question. I just feel like I've wasted those good ~ 75 €uros if I can no longer get access to the same stuff (Character, almost max level, perfect gear, expansion) without paying for it all again?

EDIT: From what I understood, the Migration Period has been closed, and there's nothing what can be done anymore. Is this true?

EDIT 2: This post can be removed, the old Codemasters account is lost forever.

We?re all dead, just say it.

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