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Funcom is evil...

Odinthedark1Odinthedark1 Linden, NJPosts: 330Member

so i decided out of boredom i would get into age of conan you know just for a week or 2 maybe, all was fine then i decided to buy a cosmetic item for like $3...k, so i type in my debit information buy it up, and all was good i intended to play it free...i later then check my bank account to noticed they had charged me for $36 and then noticed my account was resubbed back to a 3 month plan....with no warning or any indication from the game stating whether or not i wanted to renew it after it had been i in turn contact customer service and this is what they say.....



Thank you for contacting Funcom customer support.

I apologize for the inconvenience but due to policy, since you have logged on to the game after the payment went through, we are unable to give you a refund. I am very sorry again and if you have any other questions or concerns, please reply to this email and we will further assist you. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!


GM Vitaerious

Are you serious? i buy one item in game! i was already in game! and after they had charged me of course i would be playing it because they gave no warning of renewal....any idea what i could do to fight this and get my money back from these thieves?


  • quasar941quasar941 Binghamton, NYPosts: 159Member

    Don't feel bad. I managed to spend $60 in the item store when I though I was only spending $20 because their page gave me no confirmation whatsoever that the transaction had actually gone through so I tried it 3 times thinking that I had done something wrong. Had a similar experience with a GM when I tried to get a refund for the extra 2 things I ended up with. The moral of the story: Don't buy anything from FC's item shop.

  • ElphyiElphyi kelowna, BCPosts: 14Member

    if you want something from the cash shop, just buy a prepaid card from best buy.   i nvr give games my credit card.

  • TyrranosaurTyrranosaur Albuquerque, NMPosts: 284Member Uncommon

    I haven't even been properly ripped off by Funcom yet and I noticed early on that they seem to have some suspicious billing processes. I have refused to set up a new account by card with them or buy waiting for TSW to get time cards, for example, refuse to sub otherwise. I also don't like the extra charges they tack on for being international (that may be my bank, but it also means Funcom has no payment management in the states, which tells me right off that customer service for problems is going to be painful). So yeah, too many red flags with them to make it worth the risk.

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  • yaoming36yaoming36 None of your damn business, INPosts: 189Member Uncommon

    I'm sorry for saying this, but LOL

    Really made me laugh IRL. Sorry again :(

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,400Member Rare

    sorry for the OP.. when i buy something from a cash shop on a hybrid (free/sub) mmo i always make sure my credit card info is not saved on their website and if it is then i delete it and make sure i have no subs actives. I have no credit info attached on my account so if they charge a sub without my conscent then  they will have trouble.

    Also, for cash shops best thing is to sacrifice convenience and go to the store to pick up a game time card or something....

  • thekid1thekid1 GroningenPosts: 789Member Uncommon

    Why are you people still giving money to companies like this?

    Boycott these asshats before this will become standard. (if it isn't already)

  • GruntiesGrunties Worcester, MAPosts: 859Member

    I'm very sorry to hear about your troubles, OP. I know you are not the first one to have suffered this problem with this company. Sadly this is standard practice with Funcom to take money any way they can get it, even if its through deception and fraud. They kinda have to since its the only way they can stay afloat, they don't make enough money legitimately to support themselves. But as long as people keep supporting them, in any capacity, they have no reason to change the way they do business.

    The best thing you can do is work with your bank, let them know about your fraudent charge and issue a chargeback. Funcom will likely ban your account permanantly because they don't like people taking back money they rightfully stole, but really it will be in your best interest. That's what I did after Funcom tried to overcharge me. Best decision I ever made. Sadly it wasn't enough to stop them hurting other people.. but someday I'm hoping the majority will do the right thing and put these criminals out of business.

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  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon UnkownPosts: 565Member Uncommon

    What's wrong with you people? This game died literally a month after it came out, leave it that way. Going back will only cause you trouble.

    Funcom lied and hyped up their game, Milkfox tried to warn everyone. The only thing I regret not doing was buying Funcom stock then dumping it week after release.

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