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July 2012 Event: Buddy Hunt

KyuubeyKyuubey San JuanPosts: 69Member

You want more events? You got it. Our exciting July is just getting started and here’s another way to spice it up. Be prepared to not only go on the hunt of your life, you might also find a friend in return. For mechanics on our “Buddy Hunt” event, please refer to the event banner below.

WYD Global is more than just a solo adventure. It’s best played with friends and with “Buddy Hunt”, you’re sure to get not just loot, but a bunch of new people to meet and mingle with. Not only that, it will also be a test of your senses. A fellow player with the characteristics you’re looking for might be there one second and on another place the next. It’s definitely a unique experience and one that’s also rewarding to boot. What are you waiting for? There’s a whole world to explore with friends out there.

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