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July 2012 Event: Weaponry Guardian

KyuubeyKyuubey San JuanPosts: 69Member

Hi everyone! Here’s our first event for the month of July. For full details on this easy to win event, please refer to the game mechanics posted below. If you’re familiar with the bevy of weapons present in the game, this should be a breeze for you.

This event is really one where everyone, regardless of his character level or strength, can win. If you’re a regular on the marketplace or even play a different mix of classes, then we’re pretty sure you’ll be ready for this one. But beware, only 5 players can win each day so you better be active in checking our Facebook page or else someone’s going to be stealing those prizes from you. The game will start tomorrow so if you’re not familiar with the weapons yet, now’s the time to cram!

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