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Jabber client for windows 7

OrphesOrphes TrePosts: 3,048Member Uncommon

I am looking for a jabber client with some specific functions.
I have spent 1½ day looking for one and it is getting tiresome.

Clients that I have been using, that have what I need, but I am not interesting for a reason in are: 

* Pidgin, does not show complete messages in their popups.
* Miranda IM, I have a constant disconnect issue that does not seem to be resolved in my case.

What I need are:


  • A popup that shows broadcasts to users.
  • A popup that show when my username is typed in a conference chat.
  • I need to be able to view the full message in the popup. No configuration of a theme to make this enabled, or if there is a working theme for it already.
  • Preferable placement is on the top right of the screen.
  • Able to 'popup' when running full screen applications, much like games.


  • - Easy access to bookmarked conferences. I do not want to go through sub menus to rejoin a disconnected or closed conference. 
  • If I close the conference window I want to be connected to the conference until I exit the client.
  • Tabbed interface.


  • Sober configurations, options are great but there is a limit and the above needs to be availablein the options in a understandable manner.

What I wish for:


  • Not needed! If it is available then it is a big plus.


  • Not needed! If it is available then it is a big plus.


  • Not needed! Eye candy is always nice.

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