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One thing I find stupid with this game. Also some questions.

SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickPosts: 1,234Member Uncommon

One thing I find really stupid with TSW is the fact that there are 3 factions, yet were all shoehorned into the exact same zones, I was sorta hoping it'd be like dark age of camelot where each faction would have their own zones.

Anyway.. how is the pvp? is there a point to it? I am not really the type to bother with pve raiding, since the gear once your at cap really serves no purpose anymore imo. Most wow-clones/themeparks tend to have seperate pvp/pve gear which I find is a really stupid move, All to cater to the very small minority of pvp lovers, I like pvp myself if it has a purpose (like daoc taking keeps, and aion and such). But something like wow's pointless pvp and most other games I usually do not bother with. So how is pvp handled? I was figuring there would be various zones where you can control buildings and if you own so many the zone becomes yours, which unlocks some new gear drops and stuff. Kinda like pvp in Fallen Earth, in those zones you can get materials for crafting that aren't avail anywhere else, it makes a real purpose for the pvp considering almost all the gear is playermade.

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  • FredomSekerZFredomSekerZ Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,156Member

    Actually, it makes sense. Since this isn't an alt game, all areas are available to any faction. It means you don't have to restart anything to play all the content. But i do agree it would have been nice to give more options to spread out.

    Regarding meaningfull pvp, nope. Themepark pvp isn't what i recomend for it. It's not oepn world, it's BG's and WZ,w hich are large scale (well, medium IMO) persistante areas, but seperate from the pve world. So, no territory controll, world changing, etc. Sorry, but if you want that type, Planetside 2, Archege and The Repopulation, since you always seemed to be a sandbox fan from your posts.

  • TerronteTerronte Cedar Rapids, IAPosts: 321Member

    If PvP is your thing TSW wont be.

    The closest thing you are talking about is Fusang which is a persistent instance with control points. There are twelve wells (Rez points) that you can control along with 4 facilities (pve boss). The facilities give faction wide bonuses to things like xp gain, hp, etc. Fusang isn't strategic or anything, there are no siege weapons or the like. It's very similar to WAR the three factions running around the map capturing facilities while trying to avoid the other factions.

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