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Brad McQuaid is back according to Massively

stevebmbsqdstevebmbsqd Orlando, FLMember Posts: 448

Massively just reported that Brad McQuaid has returned to the Vanguard development team.



  • AndraviusAndravius Winter Haven, FLMember Posts: 82 Common

    Must need more crack money.

  • MardukkMardukk Member Posts: 2,019 Uncommon

    This does sound like an April fools joke.  I imagine he has zero power.  Maybe rehire him as an underling and bounce some ideas off him but don't put him in charge.

  • stevebmbsqdstevebmbsqd Orlando, FLMember Posts: 448

    Apparently he has been back since February. I wonder if Vanguard will get some love as a F2P title? I really hope they change the way they plan to implement it or it will most likely fail.

  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InMember Posts: 2,774 Uncommon

    Looks like good news for Vanguard, hopefully us too.


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  • ColumbiaTrueColumbiaTrue BogotaMember Posts: 47

    See, this alone would get me to resub to Vanguard. 


    Very good news.

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  • dazedconfusedazedconfuse Lone Grove, OKMember Posts: 67
    Man has developed the best mmo content of all time, just don't put him in charge of implimintation. Got mad skillz.
  • teakboisteakbois Parlin, NJMember Posts: 2,154

    massively's source is the official VG website, so its legit

  • cyress8cyress8 Croatia, VTMember Posts: 832

    Wow, did not expect that.  Hopefully he got his act together and help the game grow.


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