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Back to the drawing board

DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

Well Vanguard came out with the F2P model and to say the majority find it underwhelming is a bit of an understatement. Most are walking away having given in their minds Vanguard its last chance. Ther are those staying though or those hoping maybe SOE gets with the program and revises the matrix before they go live with this version of F2P.


So the question is what do they need to fix to make this something that people want to try? We have a lot of threads saying how it is crap and it is the worst F2P conversion they have seen. What would be your ideas to fix it?


I'll start with this idea and maybe can add some when the thread gets going.



The people that are your best bet to resub are the people who have paid for it before and are lurking around seeing what the changes will bring. The #1 reason I see in threads here and on other sites about people unsubbing from Vanguard was the lack of other players. It is proven that F2P conversions bring in players so of course these former subscribers would be intertested.

The problem is that if you subbed before or spent money before Sony really doesn't seem to care. Either you are in or out. As in other games there needs to be a middle tier where people who have subbed and in the future people who have bought points will be in this tier. Offer more bags, more gold limit, a couple extra races/classes and let people use a majority of their old gear so it doesn't feel like they are a nobody if they don't sub right off the bat. If they let their sub lapse, they can still play and be ok without having everything locked back up. 

Why Sony wants to alienate this group is beyond me. 


tl:dr Sony needs to add a middle tier for the former subscribers and to entice new players to make a first purchase.






  • ColumbiaTrueColumbiaTrue BogotaPosts: 47Member

    When I first learned of Vanguard going the F2P (option): (Ode to Joy)

    When I first learned of the Vanguard F2P restrictions: (Dies irae, day of wrath)

    • "Give me the bat, Wendy/SOE."
    You are exactly right on both points:
    1. Many of us are former subscribers that want to rejoin (not necessarily resubscribe just yet); and
    2. One of Vanguard's greatest challenges is the lack of population (resulting from design flaws and performance issues).
    The Vanguard F2P option is not going to get people to resubscribe nor increase its retention of current subscribers. 
    The solution, and we are doing SOE's homework  here, is to create a F2P option that accomplishes both (1) and (2): new subscribers and loyal current subscribers. How, then? The F2P option must be designed to get committed players back into the game and, at some point, convert them to subscribers. This can only work if the F2P players and subscribers can coexist and mutually benefit from each other. No one gets any value from playing Vanguard under the F2P option as it now currently exists. Let's hope that these are merely proposals and do what we can to stop SOE from harming itself (again).
    The details of this F2P option needs to be implemented with those two goals--(1) new subscribers and (2) keep current subscribers--in mind using technology that currenty exists. 
    The F2P option must be designed around and customized for the particular game. Bland, over-the-top, heavy-handed restrictions defeats the purpose of F2P.

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