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An Idea that struck me like lightning!!

mushimaru00mushimaru00 Quezon CityMember Posts: 4

Instead of normal implementation of  "dodge ability" for a regular character in a click and skill game, how about implementing the system with an almost natural feature in physics used in rakion/dragon nest like game features.


if enemy is attacking, the player character either dodge/blocks an enemy attack by chance which is static via skill level of that specific skill and also has a chance to be hit when the enemy is very near the player's character,

in layman/simple terms: creating a dodge/block/hit system within a game like counter strike gameplay.

This would increase the challenge percent of winning in a battle within a game, instead of just winning by equips & button/keyboard/hotkey smashing, you can win also with lots of luck.



if player equips shield then player has block ability, has a chance to block any damage at a certain chance %.


  • mmoskimmoski plymouthMember Posts: 282

    How about you also randomise movement, and attack, so theres luck if your character actually moves in the direction you want it to, and even luckier is if somehow luck managed to move to where you wanted to, your character was actually  lucky enought to take a swing at the target.  hahahaha.

    ok, im trolling.

    The more input functionality you take from the player and replace it with luck, the more your game becomes an AI system, might as well just make a film.

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