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PlanetSide: Wayback Thursday with PlanetSide Devs

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 21,178MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Last week, Wayback Wednesday actually became Wayback THURSDAY in order to ensure we had our big name guests on hand for a revisit to PlanetSide. Our own Rob Lashley was joined by Tramell Isaac and Matt Higby from Sony Online Entertainment. See what they discussed during their game time in PlanetSide.

Check out Wayback Thursday with PlanetSide Devs.



  • DrealgrinDrealgrin Longwood, FLPosts: 156Member Uncommon

    Man, at the beginning of this video. [mod edit] He's not leading the targets at all with his AA gun.

  • IntrinsicIntrinsic HorshamPosts: 60Member Uncommon

    I'm back playing PS1 for about a month now, and it is still brilliant fun even with the balance issues. It's not always fun of course, at times you are just zerged to snot but in even fights it's a blast.

  • GrakulenGrakulen Staff Writer St. Charles, MOPosts: 599MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon
    Originally posted by Drealgrin
    Man, at the beginning of this video. [mod edit] He's not leading the targets at all with his AA gun.

    I was more concerned with reading the viewer questions than leading the gun.  But you are correct,  I was aiming into lala land.

  • JoyBoy80JoyBoy80 SthlmPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    So good to be back in the game after all this time, and there are alot of ppl playing.

  • sgtalonsgtalon Lenox, MIPosts: 129Member Uncommon

    I have been playing PS1 since they gave the free time and it is AWESOME! So cool to have so many people back in the game.

    The weekend stuff was pretty awesome it is really cool to see a dozens of air vehicles attacking a base.

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