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June Build Notes

JC-SmithJC-Smith Chiang MaiPosts: 421Member Uncommon

Abilities and Skills

  • Each combat skill line now supports at least 2 tier 1 abilities. You will receive these abilities by completing the tutorial mission in the Training Grounds for that combat line. Our goal with this change is to provide you with some simply basic functionality for each weapon earlier, so that you have more information to base your decisions on which weapons fit your playing style.
  • Action Mode now supports more ability types. This includes positional attacks and melee range attacks for ranged weapons. Action Mode will see a large round of additional updates in July.
  • If an ability's range is adjusted by the range of your weapon, it will now list the percentage of the adjustment in it's tooltips.
  • Ability information cards will now give a better indication of how much damage this ability will do, adjusted for the weapon type.
  • Skill info cards will now list the name of the skill tier which is required, rather than giving a numeric value.
  • Shotguns attacks now have a very small spread that will affect enemies in a short radius.
  • Added a Automatic Weapon ability: Panicked Spray. This is a point blank AoE attack that consumes Momentum.
  • Added the Automatic Weapon ability: Focused Fire. This tier 1 ability focuses on a single target and can pelt them with multiple attacks.
  • Integrated a new Shotgun ability: Balance Shot. This is a tier 1 ability, which has a chance to knock your opponent Off Balance.
  • Added a new tier 3 Shotgun ability: Impact Shot. This shot has a chance to knock down your target. This chance is increased if they are already Off Balance.
  • There is a new Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenade ability for Thrown Weapon users at tier 3. This ability consumes an EMP Grenade item and is very effective against Robots or Turrets.
  • Spraying Assault (Automaitc Weapons) is now a tier 3, rather than a tier 4 ability.
  • Flanking Assault (Automatic Weapons) is now a tier 8 ability, instead of it's previous tier 11.
  • Spraying Fire (Automatic Weapons) has had its tier reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Covering Fire (Automatic Weapons) has been changed form a tier 5 to a tier 4 ability.
  • The Blunt Weapon ability Bludgeon is now a Tier 1, rather than Tier 2 ability.
  • Sucker Punch (Dirty Fighting) is now a tier 1 ability.
  • The Blunt Weapon ability Overpowering Attack has had its tier lowered from 4 to 3.
  • Stinging Shot (Handguns) is now a tier 3, rather than tier 4 ability.
  • Warning Shot (Handguns) had its tier reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Leg Shot (Handguns) is now a tier 2, rather than tier 3 ability.
  • The Handgun Tactics ability Burst Fire is now attainable at tier 1.
  • Thrusting Pell (Axe Fighting) is now a tier 1 ability.
  • Explosive Traps now require a consumable item to use.


  • There is now a 6 second delay for switching any equipment during combat. This is meant as a deterrant to players constantly switching roles during encounters.
  • Knockdowns are now functional. You have an increased chance of knocking down opponents who are already Off Balance.
  • There are new separated animations for Upper and Lower Body for firing both Handguns and Rifles. This allows you to fire on the move. Melee weapons still need to be adjusted to support this.
  • Reduced the rate at which Momentum decreases when out of combat. It will now take 3 1/2 minutes to go from full Momentum to empty.
  • Rifles have new animations.
  • Movement animations while in combat have been adjusted.
  • Reduced NPC grenade damage.


  • Added an Auto button to the Crafting Window. This button will automatically fill in the Ingredients from your inventory.
  • The Crafting Window now features a Previous button. This button will fill in the Ingredients and Agents that you used from the last combine.
  • Crafting Event items now work with the item highlighting system.
  • Double clicking on an event icon in the Crafting Window will now choose the best option available, based on level checks.
  • Crafting vendors now sell the full compliment of non-harvestable and non-craftable ingredients or agents. This shoud allow players to craft all of the available recipes.


  • Engagements now support Collection goals. These can be used for things like harvesting resources, clicking objects, turning in craftables, finding NPCs, or other purposes.
  • Adjusted the timed spawn system on engagements so that we have more control over which types of NPCs are spawned on ticks, and which type of NPCs are only spawned at the start.
  • Added four new collection engagements. These can be found in Plymouth City, Mysterious Cave and Oasis Watch. These engagements are not combat oriented, and instead focus on gathering resources or crafting items that this location is short on.
  • Added a new engagement which spawns a Raid Mob in the Mysterious Cave.
  • Added six new combat oriented engagements. These can be found in Plymouth, Oasis and the surrounding areas.
  • Vulture Infestation has improved visual effects when it spawns, and can now also occur in Plymouth City.
  • The Training Grounds engagement should now be easier to survive.


  • The day/night cycle has been adjusted so that 90 minutes of realtime is equal to one day of game time. This should be more friendly to casual players, in favor of the previous 3 hours/day.
  • Players can now use /playerfinder to find other players. This is similar to who functionality except that it is filterable and uses a GUI interface.
  • Modified the default Chat Tab Settings so that combat text appears in its own tab, and not on the main tab by default.
  • You may now abort out of Character Creation.
  • Improved the wording of several Tips, and updated them for recent changes.
  • Added a new walking backwards animation.
  • GMs have new capabiliites, such as the ability to summon a player to them.
  • You can now type /help to get a list of player useable slash commands.


  • Created a new modifier for the harvesting system which allows for control over the Grade and Quality levels of results.
  • Some Trees can now be harvested for Lumber.
  • There are new Calibrite, Fish, Chromite, Tree and Coal resources in the area surrounding Plymouth, the Outskirts and Oasis Valley regions.
  • Several internal changes/optimizations to how harvesting regions work.
  • Adjusted the rate that you can obtain items via Corpse Extraction.
  • You may now extract bone from Arrvor.
  • You may now extract hides from Malagion.


  • Made a number of improvements to the male and female models. This includes new skin maps and visual looks. Character models, especially the female model, should still be considered a work in progress.
  • Added dozens of new building, decoration, platform and furniture models.
  • Created many new NPC appearance variations.
  • Crafting and Resources items have new icons.
  • Many new ability icons have been added.
  • Peacekeepers have new textures.
  • Added new Heat Distortion effects.
  • Made adjustments to the blending between several different animations.
  • Numerous adjustments to NPC patrol code.
  • Armor now has new and improved specular and normal maps.
  • The female model received new walk, run and idle animations.

Items and Fittings

  • Added Electro-Magnetic Pulse grenades. These grenades are highly effective against robots and turrets.
  • You can now purchase Explosive Traps, though they require some Trap Knowledge to use.
  • Grenade and explosive device particle effects have been improved.
  • Setlang Hide Armor now has a visualization.


  • Static Missions can now be mailed to players through the in-game mail system.
  • The generated mission system is now able to track which areas are neighboring your current area, so that it may generated content in those areas.
  • Missions can now be used to advance engagement goals.
  • Missions can now make friendly NPCs turn aggro to attack a player, or another NPC, or group of NPCs.
  • "The Cult" mission's meeting now takes place in The Hole on the Hill, and includes a mission marker when you get near it.
  • Added new bounty missions. These missions will allow you to turn in insignias taken from dead FPR soldiers for military experience and faction. There are new bounty collecting NPCs in Plymouth City and Oasis Watch.
  • Created several new Scientific Research related combat missions.
  • Added new One Time Missions.
  • Lost and Found Missions now feature a marker indication to the Lost and Found office in Plymouth City.
  • One Time Missions can now occur in the areas surrounding Plymouth, Oasis Valley and the Outskirts.
  • Combat tutorial missions in the Training Grounds will now each reward 2 abilities that pertain to that weapon type. You must still obtain Chits to learn these abilities from the Training Grounds to receive the advanced lines.
  • You can now receive Training Cards and DNA from more mission templates.


  • NPCs can now be forced to spawn in combat mode. This is useful for triggered spawns, and is used in some engagements.
  • Added a new reptilian species: Nacoot.
  • Made adjustments to Lesoo animations.
  • Raxin now have their own line of special abilities.
  • Created new hostility modifier functionality which allows us to have more control over adjusting an NPCs reactions to other NPCs or players on the fly.
  • Arrvor have new special ability attack animations.
  • NPC Scouts can now use stealth and backstab.
  • Added several new types of rare spawn NPCs.
  • Lesoo have been given new Knockdown and Stun capabilities.

User Interface

  • The hyperlink system for linking Items and Abilities has been greatly improved. You can link items or abilities by dragging them onto your chat window.
  • The crafting window received a number of updates to make it easier to use.
  • You can now clear your chat messages in any given tab by right clicking the tab and selecting "Clear Tab Messages" from the pop up menu.
  • Pet ability bar positions are now saved and retrieved from your GUI settings.
  • The Dismiss button on your pet window is now green to match the other buttons on it's row.
  • Made adjustments to the size of Item Icons, resulting in crisper icons.


  • Added a new pub: The Hole on the Hill. This pub is a shady town just before the Outskirts. It features a mixture of gamblers, smugglers, bounty hunters, and the like. This location makes a good base of operations for adventures into the Outskirts. Exploring this location for the first time will give a small but permanent boost to your Unarmed Tactics skill. Most of the NPCs in this area can be pick pocketed, but you should do so at your own risk.
  • There is a new Oasis Watch hub as you move from the Outskirts into the Oasis Valley regions. This is a small military supply depot that can be used as a base point for a number of missions in the Oasis area. It also is the used in new Engagements. This location can fall into enemy hands.
  • Plymouth City has received a massive overhaul. Aside from new graphics and a new layout, it also features new locations such as a small military post and a new Pond outside of town.
  • The area West of Plymouth now features new Setlang, Vulture and Fang Cultist spawns, as well as new rare spawns and resources.
  • The Outskirts now has populations of Lesoo, Vultures, Setlang and Raxin, as well as some other rare spawn species.
  • The Oasis Valley region now has populations of Arrvor, Lesoo, Malagion, Lurker and Setlang, as well as rare and raid spawns.
  • You will now gain a small but permanent boost to your Axe Fighting skill when visiting the Outcast section of Wreckage Site 94.
  • Wreckage Site 94 now features Arrvor, Drake, Outcast and Malagion spawns. Lesoo are being trained in axe fighting techniques by the Outcasts here.
  • There are new Heat Distortion FX in Wreckage Site 94.
  • Added a new Mysterious Cave outside of Plymouth. This cave has several new engagements, a raid boss, and can also be utilized in missions.
  • Added a powerful new turret type which will be placed in protected areas and is intended to quickly mow down members of opposing nations.
  • Added many new seatable benches and chairs throughout Plymouth City and The Hole on the Hill.
  • Adjusted environmental lighting throughout the Plymouth and Oasis areas.
  • There are a number of new footstep sound altering locations including in Plymouth City, the Mysterious Cave and Oasis Valley.
  • Street Vendors and Bakers now sell food and drink.
  • Added new Machinery suppliers in Plymouth City.

Bug Fixes

  • The "Taken in the Night" mission is now completable.
  • Fixed an issue related to deleting your last character which could cause your client to hang.
  • Corrected several pathing issues in Plymouth City and the OWON Training Facilities.
  • All of the NPCs in the OWON Training Facilities should now be properly flagged as members of OWON.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing combat effect icons to have improper UVs.
  • Corrected a bug that was causing deleted abilities to appear in skill information windows.
  • Fixed a counter-related bug with Protection engagements.
  • Emote chat is once again functional.
  • Corrected a bug in grenade throwing animations.
  • Removed the center turret from the Training Grounds.
  • Corrected text-related bugs in the Supplying the Armor, and Taken in the Night missions.
  • Made some terrain adjustments in the OWON Training Facilities, Plymouth City and Oasis Valley to correct some places where buildings were not properly aligned to the terrain.
  • Fixed a bug with DNA rewarded through missions.
  • You should no longer receive double rewards for mission turn in goals.
  • NPCs should no longer walk or slide after death.
  • Fixed an aiming bug while running with a pistol.
  • Made many adjustments to how NPCs hold certain weapons.
  • Corrected a bug that was allowing missions that was causing mission response options to appear when you did not meet the item pre-requisites.
  • Rifle FX should be better timed with their animations.
  • Fixed numerous display bugs that occurred when names had spaces in them.
  • There was a bug with stun effects that was causing them to last forever if their duration was set to only one tick. This has been resolved.
  • Chat channel labels should now be displaying again.
  • You no longer receive a GUI informing you of how long a stun will last. In general stuns are very short duration and this window was unneccessary.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing your gun to aim the wrong way vertically while moving.
  • The Training Grounds sign should no longer have Z-fighting issues.
  • NPCs should now go into combat mode when hit or aggressive. This corrects some animation issues.


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