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Cardmon Hero: Our Official Cardmon Hero Review

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,982MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Cardmon Hero is a cute anime style MMORPG originally announced in 2006. How has it fared since its global English launch a year ago? Find out in our latest review!

Launched in January 2011, Cardmon Hero was a noteworthy MMORPG which received a fair amount of attention when it was initially announced (in Korea) back in 2006. One year after the launch of the global English version, has the game held up well over the years? Well, from what I can tell, its problems run a bit deeper than just its age.

Read more of Adrian Liew's Cardmon Heroes: Our Official Review.



  • FreezzoFreezzo EnschedePosts: 235Member

    Is this another in the trend of 'we have to publish more reviews'? Because I and probably many others aren't really looking for games like these.

    Other than that a pleasant read to waste my time on ^_^

    "We need men who can dream of things that never were." - John F. Kennedy
    And for MMORPGs ever so true...

  • Gabby-airGabby-air surrey, BCPosts: 3,440Member Uncommon

    Well I still welcome the fact that they are putting these reviews up because although us who are regulars might not be interested in these games a huge number of people who visit the website will appreciate them. 

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,008Member Uncommon

    I like the fact that they are doing these. It helps if I'm bored and I see something I may like. Or it lets me read a lengthy review on something I don't care about to pass some time. Either way it's a win win in my opinion.

  • zeluszelus orlando, FLPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    this game has been dead for a while now bc the developer stopped updating it / dropped in the overseas counterpart so nothing new come into us version


  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing Editor Berea, OHPosts: 3,650MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

    Our goal is to eventually review EVERY game on our Game List. Think about that for a minute... :)

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  • FreezzoFreezzo EnschedePosts: 235Member

    Originally posted by BillMurphy

    Our goal is to eventually review EVERY game on our Game List. Think about that for a minute... :)

    All I can do is wait for that moment. ^.^ But it just seems to me that there's a wave of somewhat older, not that good, f2p games is coming out with hardly anything worth checking out for people used to sub-based games. Although I must say I did try many of the better f2p ones already, so it might just be me left without new games ;)

    I do however appreciate the effort and the goal. Always good to see people working hard. And on top of that the review is well-written.

    "We need men who can dream of things that never were." - John F. Kennedy
    And for MMORPGs ever so true...

  • adiktusadiktus Frankfort, INPosts: 128Member

    I've actually played CardMon Hero during its CBT and OBT. I agree with you that the population is almost non-existent, especially if you just played it recently. But during its launch and a few months after, the game started strong with lots of people playing it. It is actually fun because it's good to collect monster cards for your cardbook and as your allies. I guess that's the main point of the game. The problem, however, is that the developers left it behind so the population slowly dwindled until nothing is left. If you played it a lot earlier, it was really fun.

    Anyway, you're right when you said it's going to close down since they already announced its closing. The game closed down yesterday, or will close down today. Not exactly sure which.


  • MeliezaMelieza trabuco canyon, CAPosts: 269Member

    Yeah, I just tried to look into this game and its gone from the website.  I check the Facebook and it has a closure announcement.  A little late with the review mmorpg haha

  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

    Yeah maybe the reviewer had this sitting around and found out it was the last day and felt like they had to rush it out so it wouldn't be wasted. That is the only thing I can think of.


    I mean checking the main site said Cardmon close for at least a month. What is odd is the people obviously had info about the Korean version going belly up and the Japanese additions but didn't know about the shutdown??


    Well all that aside Cardmon Hero was actually a very fun game. The issue I had was that you could not kill the bosses to get the cards. Well you didn't really have a chance was more like it. The game bascially forced grouping by having a short timer on bosses. If you didn't kill it in 5 or 10 minutes, it went back to full health. When you got later in the game and there were 5-10 pieces to get, it would be difficult since certain pieces only came from higher difficulties of the boss. Also made field bosses impossible.


    T3fun was pretty terrible. They gave up on Aika pretty fast too if I recall. Just to give you an idea the last update was April 2011. They bascially kept the game open to siphon money from the unsespecting. It was pretty low.


    I really wish a real company had the IP. Losing the Korean version was a huge blow, but as it was shown with the Japanese version, a dedicated team could have come in to smooth out bugs and keep it going. The other pieces were in the Korean version so worse comes to worse they ask for the code and insert it themselves.


    Well RIP Cardmon, you were a fun game and hopefully you get a second chance in some form down the road.



  • MataOCDMataOCD ZagrebPosts: 54Member
    I really liked the game, since I like solo playing, but later on at lvl 40, there was just too much grinding for me, not enough quests, just repeating dungeons and dailys and many bosses were too tough for solo... RIP Cardmon Hero...
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