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Future Development

dreamscaperdreamscaper Somewhere, NCPosts: 1,592Member Uncommon

I've been playing playing Wakfu (alongside Ryzom, my other love of the moment) for about a week now. There's so much I love about the game, and yet I'm worried about the future of it, since as far as I can tell it doesn't have anywhere near the number of people playing, and development seems to be progressing relatively slowly.


For those who've played both Dofus and Wakfu for long periods of time, do you forsee Wakfu getting the same amount of developer attention as Dofus? While it's not strange that Dofus has more of everything at the moment given that it has been out for several years, I worry that Wakfu may be relegated to 2nd class and ignored while they focus on the flagship title.




  • NudlesNudles CoimbraPosts: 52Member

    A late reply but will give you a little impression of my recent time in Wakfu. Although i saw some info about this game for a while, only recently i decided to try it and after a couple of weeks i decided to pull the plug. Here are some of the things that bothered me.


    Personally, the game's spell system is bad. Each class has like 15 elemental spells but can only lvl up effectively 2 or 3 which removes alot of gameplay variety for me.

    Leveling up is boring. Only doing the so popular WG and similar group grinds, i can have a chance to lvl myself up and my spells more effectively. Even so, in such groups i'll be using 1-2 spells a battle if not leeching entirely - aka being power leveled.

    Although max lvl can be achieved relatively faster than other games using these group grinds intensively, it will still be boring doing so and to have a class limited by so few spells.

    This week, the developer announced class rebalancing notes making alot of ppl current builds less effective. These will come with a free reset (which seems natural for this developer looking at it's history) but it will "force" ppl to pick a different build and different equipments which ain't nice if you spent kamas and time getting your current ones.

    It's all for the sake of balance it seems, which i don't mind but changes like these should have been made during the long closed beta of the game, not now.


    I didn't start playing this game with big or long expectations, just wanted something to keep me busy for a month or so but the spell and lvl'ing systems are what bothers me the most to even think about trying different classes or playing the game more than very very casually.

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