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AdoniAdoni Tucson, AZPosts: 375Member Uncommon

I was just wondering how hard is it to level in this game?



  • sertioussertious Brunswick, MEPosts: 29Member

    It's actually very easy to level now if you find the right server.  I have a toon on Bahamut and Quetzlcotl.  Bahamut is very populated so finding groups is incredibly easy.  Quetzlcotl unfortunately is not i''m just lucky tohave a friend on there that's been feeding me money so i can buy decent gear to solo.  But Bahamut with the new Grounds of Valor feature finding groups and grinding out xp is not an issue anymore.  Definately changed from the old days when gaining a level would take hours lol.  Worth a shot if you ever want to check it out.  And if you decide to playon the Bahamut server look me up, my toons name is Sertaru

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