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What to expect for Callings in RIFT: Storm Legion!

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

Afternoon everyone,

Obviously the announcement of RIFT’s first expansion Storm Legion has generated a lot of excitement and of course a ton of questions. We tried to answer many of these during the live stream today, but of course we couldn’t get to them all. As a result we wanted to get a short FAQ out to everyone about what to expect for classes in the expansion.

Please keep in mind this isn’t an exhaustive post of everything we plan on doing but rather a quick high level overview. As we get closer to release we’ll be sharing more detailed information on changes with everyone. That being said we’re still very early in the development process and definitely want to spend some time with our BETA testers refining the changes before we announce them all.

Now on to the Q/A!

Q: Will the level cap be increased
A: Yes, to level 60

Q: Will level 60 players have access to more soul points to spend?
A: Of course! Players level 50 and up will gain additional soul points to spend (Final number TBD), but cannot spend more than their level+1 in any specific soul… So for example a level 55 player can spend up to 56 points in a single soul.

Q: Will you be extending the soul tree and adding new abilities to existing souls ?
A: Yup, if we didn’t what would you be spending all your new soul points on? Both the root and the branches of the soul tree will have new abilities and passive effects for you to try out.

Q: Will only 50+ players with the expansion gain access to the extended soul tree?
A: TBD, our current plan is to only allow 50+ access to the higher sections of the soul tree added with the expansion. However we’re waiting to see how BETA testing goes before finalizing that.

Q: Will there be any changes to the callings pre level 50?
A: Yes, each soul is getting a full review and potentially some significant adjustments. The amount of changes will vary from soul to soul but almost everyone will have new things to play with pre-50. Overall we’re trying to keep the level 1 to 50 experience as close to the current versions as possible. But we’re definitely taking this opportunity to improve things, and address some larger projects players have been asking for in their live feedback.

Q: Will Storm legion introduce new gameplay mechanics?
A: Yes, we’ve got a number of new tricks up our sleeve for exciting new abilities for players to try out. This will include some new and exciting mechanics for abilities. We’ll be going into detail on these as we announce some of the new souls and updates to existing souls.

Q: What does Storm Legion mean for overall game balance?
A: Obviously a new expansion with new abilities will introduce a lot of new challenges balancing the game. An expansion is also an opportunity for us to do some larger projects to continue to clean up and improve game balance. For example, we’re continuing to work on streamlining how ability effectiveness scales with stats and gear to make sure all callings grow equally in power as they level and obtain new items.

Q: What are the changes for my Calling?!
A: Obviously I can’t list them all here, you’ve seen what our patch notes look like so you can only imagine what an expansion will bring. We will share more info about all of the callings after we’ve had some time to test them with our BETA testers. We want to make sure the changes are solid and well received before we go wide with more information.

Q: What about the new Souls any info?
A: Not quite yet! Stay tuned we’ll be rolling out big announcements (with tons of info) for each new soul over the next few months.



  • RaventreeRaventree Yourtown, MNPosts: 456Member

    Very exciting.  I would love to know when to expect the expansion.  Do we have a timetable yet?

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  • ZippyZippy NY, NYPosts: 1,412Member
    Originally posted by Raventree
    Very exciting.  I would love to know when to expect the expansion.  Do we have a timetable yet?  

    They said they expect fall.  So if it releases on time that would be before 12/20.  As much as they have to do, tripling the size of the world, 3 new raid dungeons and 7 expert dungeons, housing and all the class changes and balancing that may be avery optimistic release date.

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