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The Secret World: Dungeon Preview - The Polaris

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,965MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Funcom has partnered with to bring our readers the first information ever revealed about dungeons in The Secret World. We've got never-before-seen images and information about a dungeon called The Polaris. Find out all about it in our exclusive preview.

As the thick fog rolled back out across the Kingsmouth harbour, leaving death and silence in its wake, you’d think the worst was over. That was not the case. As the fog rolled out, a large cargo ship thought lost at sea, the Polaris, rolled in.

Covered in red sea-weed, the huge ship coasted silently through the mist and ran aground off the shores of Solomon Island. With it came the unfortunate crews of lost ships known among sea-farers only as the draug. Now these aquatic corpse-horrors are milling out of the enormous hull like ants from an anthill, preying on the carcass of Kingsmouth and her surroundings.

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  • lars1134lars1134 HertenPosts: 106Member

    This is one of my favorite dungeons. Truly the best atmosphere!

  • AdmiralWolverineAdmiralWolverine NestonPosts: 29Member

    I love the whole H.P lovecraft feel in this! pretty much cthulhu as the end boss of the first dungeon? Epic :D ( or what pretty much looks like cthulhu anyway ^^ )


  • AqueAque Hemet, CAPosts: 118Member

    Yeah, it really does look like Cthulhu, LOL- I give them props for it :)

    Game is Epic in its OWN terms- So far it sounds like it will keep getting better!

  • GiiideupGiiideup bergenPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    God this game looks amazing...haven't got a chance to play it yet but looking forward to release. It's going to be big...thats for sure!!!

  • werewoodwerewood GTA, ONPosts: 76Member

    It doesn't look amazing. But it plays nicely. Besides the old school quests which are boring. Giving it another try this weekend though with friends. Aiming at doing the Polaris. Based on that I will decide finally where it lands with me.

  • jessie360jessie360 Raleigh, NCPosts: 65Member

    I couldn't get over the weirdness of this phrase:


    "blessed with the power of the bees "


    Still, I am enjoying the modern setting and lore.  I'll play it for the story.

  • jdnycjdnyc Long Island City, NYPosts: 1,696Member

    Love, Love, Love this dungeon.  The last boss is awesome and his power is very Cthulhu appropriate.

  • MaitraderMaitrader Simi Valley, CAPosts: 389Member

    Havr run this dungeon a ton of times and it DOES NOT get boring.... I loved Rifts dungeons and STWORs flashpoints, but this does not follow that model... it is a new model that does not waste your time and IS FUN! Watch the sjit!!!

  • SaxonbladeSaxonblade PHILADELPHIA, PAPosts: 275Member

    I agree this dungeon is fun and does look good.


  • DrNo172000DrNo172000 Richmond, VAPosts: 48Member

    Had it actually been Cthulhu though the dungeon would be impossible to beat.

  • dancingstardancingstar LeedsPosts: 353Member Uncommon

    Probably just a Star-Spawn, in any case. Though it might be fun to watch players' reactions if, on finally managing to take the thing down after a few wipes, it green-mists and starts reforming 30 seconds later while they're bickering over who gets the loot.

  • PrayfirstPrayfirst Torrance, CAPosts: 10Member Uncommon
  • PrayfirstPrayfirst Torrance, CAPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Giiideup
    God this game looks amazing...haven't got a chance to play it yet but looking forward to release. It's going to be big...thats for sure!!!  

    Will I guess that remains to be seen does it not! That said, I do hope it'll do great if for any reason it looks like something different for a change!! Happy gaming all!!

  • EnchantrixEnchantrix MaidenheadPosts: 4Member

    I've been playing the beta weekends but yet to see this dungeon. I can't wait!

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    rofl i tried to run this solo, was quite suprized to find it seemed to scale to my level, as going in at teir 2 weapons i got wiped out at the start, later on with more kit unlocked and a higher Q weapon at Q3 i still wiped lol. 

    so it looks like most dungons are not solo-able (from what i found) which is quite good IMO. actually promotes group play if that is the case. (that is ofcourse to say that if you are hitting an instance that is keyed to your level or above it shouldnt be soloable, but being "10" levels+ above it if its soloable thats fine.)

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  • savoylensavoylen Little Rock, ARPosts: 3Member

    I've been playing through both the closed (now not under NDA) and the open beta... yes, its  an Amazing game.

    Bottom line, even at that early stage, its been TONS OF FUN - and its only getting better.

    I CAN"T WAIT FOR LAUNCH to start over again, and to play through it again - much less the content I haven't been able to get to. There ARE LOADS AND LOADS of content, but my favorite are the research quests. You'll see what I mean.

    Solo, team player, grider, thinker... its for you. Play the way YOU  want.

    Create, and then recreate the character YOU want to play, based on YOUR play style. Bord? Take your character in a totally new direction without having to start over. 

    The enviroment IS deep - and beautiful. You'll WANT to play this at the ultra settings just to have your breath taken away at how rich the art backdrops are!


  • NL-RikkertNL-Rikkert schagenPosts: 124Member Uncommon


    The battle begins! On June 22nd at 6pm CET (9am PDT) 
    the massive and final Beta Weekend for The Secret World kicks!
    I still have a buddy key for grabs! enter it now and join me (NLRikkert) this weekend on TSW!

    When someone does something so utterly moronic that it kills your brain cells at the very thought of it.

  • treelotreelo caralPosts: 70Member

    Kingsmouth = Innsmouth, which would make the great tentacly thing Dagon rather than Chthulu.


  • DrNo172000DrNo172000 Richmond, VAPosts: 48Member
    Originally posted by treelo
    Kingsmouth = Innsmouth, which would make the great tentacly thing Dagon rather than Chthulu.

    Only it looks exactly like every interpretation of Cthulhu and not Dagon.  Either way it is neither as both are completely impossible for a mortal to defeat (you'd go mad at just the sight).  Yes that includes mortals with magic bee powers.

    But yeah the area setting and the fish monster people are Dagon stuff.

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