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Max character slots?

Otheym87Otheym87 Kingwood, TXPosts: 23Member

Hey folks,


I've been playing some more Champions since On Alert launched and finally decided that I was having a good enough time to buy a couple of extra slots to try out some more archetypes.  Problem is, they haven't shown up and I can't figure out Cryptic's support for the life of me.  Is there some sort of hard max on character slots?  I've got 8 from playing back at launch, but I thought surely you could have more if the "Buy 2 More Slots!" button was right there on the character selection screen.


Anyways, I appreciate your help.




  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,363Member Epic

    Without buying more character slots, you get 8 if you're subscribed, and I think 2 if you aren't.  I'm sure of the former but not the latter.  You also get an extra character slot for each character that you get to 40 if you're subscribed.

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