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Divinity's Reach: Tiered Traits Debate

FinitFinit Smithsburg, MDPosts: 145Member

We have been extremely busy over at Divinity's Reach.  Ever since the reveal, the addition of tiers to the trait system has been hotly debated amongst fans.  Not surpisingly, even the authors of DR are split on the decision.  Aly and I managed to collaborate on an article exploring our opposing views of this new addition to the world of Tyria.

Whichever side you decide to be on, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

My Guild Wars 2 Blog can be found here: Divinity's Reach


  • FinitFinit Smithsburg, MDPosts: 145Member

    There has been some great discussion, (albiet slighly heated), in the comments section below the article.  Feel free to jump in and weigh in.  I would love to hear your opinions! 

    Thanks again!

    (For the record, this account is Entombed on Divinity's Reach.  There happens to be a commenter named Finit on the blog, who is not me).

    My Guild Wars 2 Blog can be found here: Divinity's Reach

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