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Thinking about re-subbing. Just a couple of questions.

CitalkayCitalkay GlasgowPosts: 141Member

Is rift hard to level in? Will it take some patience and time to get to max level, or is it like WoW? I don't want to max out in a couple of days..

And is the game pretty hard at end-game? I know the PVP isn't loved too much.. But is PvE fun and hard?


...And! Would anyone care to suggest a good populated server in Europe I could join?


  • AlyvianAlyvian NoesPosts: 342Member

    its really easy to level, ya can be there in a couple of days or weeks depending how often/long ya play


    as for endgame, expert isntances get stomped in msot pug groups

    master instances (one group aswell) vary from group to group some hard, some stomptastic

    t1 raids (gsb/ros/dh/gp) get flattened by most pugs (ros the least so of those)

    t2 raids (hk/rotp) are fairly hard

    t3 raid (ID) is hard and not/almost not pugged at all due to the pain the mobs inside are.


    also icewatch whitout a doubt, if ya into pve, bloodiron for pvp. If ya do decide to hit up on icewatch, give me a tell and i can probably help ya get started/answer any further questions ya may have :) 


    - xamtys of duality.

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