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Eternal gaming community is recruiting for GW2.

XzenXzen Los Alamos, NMPosts: 2,607Member Uncommon


About Us
MYTH is a casual friendly social Guild. Having fun is what the game is all about, and what is more fun than sharing all your moments with great people! The only thing we need is the help and support from all of you.
We are a part of a cross-game community called Eternal. We will go to and support any game that our members want to play. If you get tired of one game and want to go to another, you are free to do so. If you want to start a new squad in another MMO, we will help you recruit for it. We are, first and foremost, friends who want to play together. Why lose touch with good people just because you want to play another game? 
We would love to see this Guild grow and become one of the best. We are all about having a great time. Some of us are the most open people you will ever meet. So feel free to talk with us about anything at any time. So don’t think you are just another member, NO WAY is that the case. NO matter what your rank or who you are; please feel free to tell us anything. We are trying to build a community of friends and looking for friendly respectful people to join our ranks.
A little info about me and why we created the community.
 I’ve been playing MMORPGs since Ultima Online in 1999. In the time from 1999 to now I have been in many guilds and made friends. Over time as all of my past guild mates moved on to other games we have all lost touch with each other. People I spent five or more years getting to know, building friendships, and gaming with are gone.
One of our biggest missions with Eternal is to put an end to this cycle. We want to create this cross gaming community where even when we move on to new games we are still in the same guild. Playing with the mature, friendly, likeminded people we took the time to build friendships with for years and years to come. We can enjoy experiencing all of any games content with groups of people we like without having to worry about joining another end game progression guild filled with people you would never otherwise game with.
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