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Barbershop, now live on PTS!

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,419Member Uncommon

Barbershop, now live on PTS!


wow Trion just doesnt stop working. they caught up to WoW quite quickly in terms of number of features.



  • ArkanikArkanik corpus christi, TXPosts: 30Member

    LOL you for got to mention all these new features coming in just 1.9 's update..

    This isnt even things there adding to the expansion.  Been playing for about a month now taking my time i just maxed out runecrafting to 300, now im going to work on leveling im only 34 right now. But loving it . Took me 4 tries to finally push foward and give the game a chance , glad i did.

    I cant wait for the mentoring , that reminds me of everquest 2 before they ruined it.


    Heres the link on the rift website of all the 1.9 additions.


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