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Please Place All Smite Key Requests and Offers Here

AmanaAmana New York, NYModerator Posts: 3,912 Uncommon

Just as we do for other games, to consolidate requests and keep the forum free for actual discussion, please post all invites/friend keys as well as key requests in this thread.

As always, please don't spam the thread.



TRADING is not allowed on these forums. This thread is only for offers and requests. 

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  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COMember Posts: 3,292 Uncommon

    I would appreciate one! image

    EDIT: dont worry I got one! image



  • GhostGeishaGhostGeisha AlbufeiraMember Posts: 286

    missed the giveaways QQ pm me one if possible. thx

  • BullroarBullroar Seattle, WAMember Posts: 7

    If anyone has a key to spare I would greatly appriciate it.  I've been going crazy trying to find one.


    Edit: I have a dota 2 steam invite I can send if you'd like in return.

  • fldashfldash Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 227

    Would like one as well, disappointed they aren't giving Tribes players them...

    Former xFire user... I only wanted a game tracker and messenger, not a screenshot taker, video recording, broadcasting piece of bloatware.

  • GhostGeishaGhostGeisha AlbufeiraMember Posts: 286

    I agree on that one, quite sad. I beta tested GA and Tribes.

  • BullroarBullroar Seattle, WAMember Posts: 7

    Alright, someone from that last giveaway I just missed again must have a friend referral lol

  • sberendssberends GeelongMember Posts: 13 Common


    I am trying to get two keys so I can play with some friends. All I have to offer in return is a steam DOTA2 invite if anyone is interested.


  • farorefarore vista, CAMember Posts: 89 Uncommon

    as the oldest account creation date posted in this thread so far i think i should get 1 =)

  • TaishiFoxTaishiFox NottinghamMember Posts: 780 Uncommon

    CAn someone please send a key my way? thanks :-)


  • serozicserozic vancouver, WAMember Posts: 1

    If some one can send me a key that would be awesome. please and thank you!

  • SkiveronSkiveron Toronto, ONMember Posts: 1

    Would also like a key, thank you.

    I heard you get 2 referral keys, I would share one back with the community and give 1 to my buddy

  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILMember Posts: 339

    I've got two keys if anyone needs and doesnt have one please message me via private message on mmorpg.  first two folks to pm me get them and I hope in turn they then give t heir two keys they get out as well.

    I'll post back here once ive given my two out.


  • PerfectBlendPerfectBlend Philadelphia, PAMember Posts: 49

    Hi I have a SMite Beta Key, It would be nice to trade for a DOta 2 invite ty and good day

  • TalruneTalrune Cortland, ILMember Posts: 339

    ok im out of my two hopefully those that got the keys will give their two keys out and so on and so on

  • satora54satora54 elizabithville, CAMember Posts: 31 Uncommon

    Can anyone throw one my way please??? :P

  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAMember Posts: 2,409 Uncommon

    Key me please :D


    Update: Received my key.  Thank you everybody :)

  • UgerothUgeroth Umatilla, FLMember Posts: 14 Uncommon

    I would love to get a key, please!

  • AlmagesteAlmageste Montreal, QCMember Posts: 1

    Me too, it would be really nice and appreciated. :)

  • darkedone02darkedone02 Louisville, KYMember Posts: 581 Uncommon

    I need a key


  • saprowlingsaprowling quezon cityMember Posts: 1

    give me one also. thanks. :)

  • DonThonDonThon Cambridge, MAMember Posts: 5 Uncommon

    Key me?

    - DT

  • classiicclassiic manchester, MIMember Posts: 1

    I would greatly appreciate one as well. 


  • jarnolordjarnolord jMember Posts: 1

    Id really like one.

  • dethlorddethlord burnaby, BCMember Posts: 17 Uncommon

    hook me up my mmorpg brothers and sisters!

    Deth to you ALL!

  • moatsmdmoatsmd kenmore, WAMember Posts: 1

    I'd love one :) thank ya!

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